This is Instead of Painting

I'm not sure exactly why, but a full drink fridge makes me very happy!
Lots of grocery stores are having great sales for Easter. So we stocked up! I wish a fridge full of broccoli and spinach made me just as happy. And honestly, I don't even know, does broccoli even go in the fridge? Never bought it!

 Besides loading up our fridge, I am trying to finish lots of projects before Easter, because we have family coming over.
 I am recovering my kitchen chairs and painting them too. 
This is the original pleather cover. I had black and white gingham on them forever.
 My parents got the kitchen table and chairs when I was 7. So I remember vividly sitting on these pleather chairs. Sometimes for hours avoiding my Shepherd's pie. (For those of you that haven't had it, it's mashed potatoes, ground beef and cooked vegetables.  Like peas  and carrots. I thought I was being punished when my mom served it.) I also did lots of homework in these seats. And there are mostly good memories that go along with them too! Not just vegetables and homework.
 I already had this fabric, so this will be a cheap makeover. The chairs are in the garage right now waiting for another coat of spray paint. I am procrastinating by sitting and chatting with you instead!
 Hopefully I will get this all done by tomorrow. I don't want to get white paint on anyone's Easter duds!

As I was getting all these pictures off my phone, I found 32 of these:

 For real! 32 just like that! Katie had my phone while I was checking out at Sam's yesterday.

Then there was one like this!
 I love her! 
Even though she did barf on my couch tonight...and all over the floor! She has done that every time they have a party at school! Today was the Easter party. I think it's sugar overload.  Lightweight! 

Thankfully she was perfectly fine after that. The Easter Bunny might be filling Katie's basket with apples and oranges this year! Leave the jelly beans and chocolate for Mommy! 


What's Your Number?

 After 2 1/2 years of living here, we FINALLY have numbers on our house! 
 There are numbers on the curb, but that's not easy to see.  It's identified as "The Yellow House", so people haven't really been looking for the 400.  But maybe now the UPS man will quit delivering 300's packages to us!

I love this bunny, but doesn't it look like he's about to go #2? He's squatting a little bit!

I got the numbers and the frame at Hobby Lobby and just spray painted them.  Marcus had a scrap piece of wood that he cut to fit in the frame.  I painted the polka dots by tracing a medicine cup. And then I glued the wood in the frame, then the numbers on the wood. I attached a wire on the back with 2 screws and Marcus hung it up for me tonight!
( I can almost never get a project done without his help!)
My curtains are closed, because I was tricking Katie into thinking it was dark outside! She didn't nap today, so I needed her to go to bed early! It worked! Right now it's 7:15 and she's sound asleep!

Maybe I should use my free time to clean my porch. I am noticing in these pictures that it's pretty filthy. It's probably not going to happen though. I have a long list of DVRed shows that aren't going to watch themselves! And I am really, really hoping that Katie has never heard the term: Early to bed, early to rise! I am needing a 13 hour slumber from that girl!


The Baby Book Edition

 I am so thankful to have this blog to help preserve some precious memories. This has become Katie's baby book, because I have yet to write in hers!
  I will get to it when she's in kindergarten. I used to write a post on every 14th of the month when Katie became one month older.  I stopped at 24 months, just because it felt silly saying, "you are 32 months old now!" 

It's so fun to go back and read what was going on in those times.  You think you will always remember every detail, and each milestone when it happened...but you don't.  Or at least I don't.  So this is going to be all about Katie Belle and what she's up to now.  I realize only a tiny fraction of you will care about this.  Maybe just her Nonni and her Daddy. 

Tonight Katie and I went to Rosa's for Taco Tuesday, so Marcus could study for a test he has tomorrow. 
 She was a fun date!
 Katie will be turning 3 in less than 4 months! She is looking older every day and it's a little sad!And her hair is growing like Rapunzel's!

Some things I want to remember 
about this 2 1/2 year old:
* She always asks me to sit on the couch to watch "tartoons" and cuddle. And she has a lisp, so it's really "tartoonths" and it's cute. She loves Little Einsteins with a deep deep love. 

*Loves music of all kinds.  She has great rhythm and HAS to dance to anything with a good beat. She will stop what she is doing and say, "I gotta dance!" She even did that at church in the Christmas Eve service. Hopped right off the pew and got in the aisle and danced! She loves to sing songs and can remember all the words. 

* She hugs tight and says, "you're trapped!" and won't let go. Or she says, "I love you so much!" It kind of melts my heart.

*Sleeps great. 11 to 12 hours at night and a 2 hour nap. She's still in a crib and climbs in it by herself.  She doesn't know that she can probably climb out of it too. When I tuck her in she says, "Night Night, sweet dreams, I love you!"

 *Then she turns her Dream Light on.
(if any of you have toddlers, you have seen the dream light commercial 1 bajillion times! We got it for Christmas and it has been great!)

These are pictures of Katie a year ago:
 I thought she was SO big then!
 This was 2 years ago! I could eat that baby up!

 *Katie LOVES to play hide and seek
This is her asking Aunt Kelly, "where did Ryan go?"

 Here he is!
 * When Katie hides, she yells, "come find me! Here I am!"  She's not a very good hider yet. 

* She is also a confessor of her sins! When I pick her up from school or the church nursery, she immediately tells me if she hit someone or took a toy away! I love that she can't keep it in and that she feels remorseful. I hope that trait stays. 

*She is a lover of pasta! She is a pretty typical 2 year old eater, PICKY! So I am glad that she likes pasta so we can get some vegetables in her. A few other healthy things she likes are almonds, pistachios, green beans, chicken...that might be it.  And if something is unhealthy or contains sugar, she loves it. ( she inherited that from both parents)
*Katie plays with ALL her toys.  Even ones she got for her first birthday and Christmas. She loves her kitchen and makes us food. Blocks and Legos are her favorite. And playing catch with her ball. 

*She is such an encourager! She notices if I clean the house when she's at MDO. "You cleaned your house? Good job Mom!" Or anytime I decorate for a holiday or birthday, she tells me I'm a good decorator! She even tells me good job when I go pee pee in the potty! 

*I love having another girl in the house. At dinner when I am chatting up a storm and Marcus will just say one word here or there, she says "He's not talking very well!" That girl is observant!

I am choosing to focus on all the good, fun, cute stuff. There is no reason to document the annoying, disobedient, makes me want to run away to a hotel, stuff. All of that is just typical 2 year old and how she is learning and growing. And it is keeping me in constant contact with God asking for patience and wisdom.

This daughter of ours was worth the wait. Katie is a joy and a blessing and we feel overwhelmed with thankfulness that we get to be her parents.


Hippity Hoppity

 Easter's on it's way! 

We have both families coming here next Sunday for Easter lunch.  So I am trying to get my house all Eastered up!  My house looks like a giant Easter egg anyway, so it all fits right in!
 I have also been a little addicted to spray paint these days. I just painted my shutters green on Friday.
 It feels like I JUST had a Christmas tree in this same corner. 

 My bunny got some petunias.  
I had to take the picture from inside, because I still had my PJs on.  I still have them on now, if I'm being honest!

 I need to change my little chalkboard to say something more Easterish.

My TV is above my mantle, so I decorate the inside of the fireplace.
 Last year, my sister made Katie this bunny for Easter. 
She LOVES it!
 We love to make his ears flop in front of his face 
and play peek a boo!
My sister, Kelly, has an Etsy shop now, so you can put a bunny in your kids's Easter basket too! I think they also make great baby gifts!
You can find her Etsy shop here

And we've been practicing egg hunting!
 Our eggs are empty, so I think Katie will be pleasantly surprised on Easter when they are filled with candy!
I love bunnies, eggs, peeps and jelly beans, but we are trying to teach the REAL meaning of Easter too! And that story is for everyday, not just Easter Sunday! 

And if you don't have a church to go to this Sunday, you are invited to mine! 
  EASTER INVITE from First Colleyville on Vimeo.


Favorite Things Friday...Pinterest Ideas

 I love Pinterest and who ever thought of it is a genius! 
 I used to keep pages of magazines, so this is way easier, and less cluttery.  I am not addicted and just go on it every once in a while.  It is great when you need an idea though! 

I know some people don't like Pinterest, because it makes them feel inferior and bad about themselves. I learned in my one and only college psychology class that nobody can make you feel anything.  It's your choice! :) So just borrow ideas from the super crafy, fit, organized, baker, creative, fashionista people! And don't feel bad that you didn't home make your child's outfit, cake, invitations, decorations, and party favors, for their first birthday! 

I love seeing ideas that I would have never thought of, like this one:
Giving a Standard Cabinet Furniture Style  --  How to add legs and a skirt to cabinets!
 This is about making your built in cabinets look more like furniture.

 And I like these ideas for built in beds.  We will do this one day when we get to build our own house. I love to have company.  And Katie will get to have lots of slumber parties too!

in a play room

 great way to use the attic portion of a house and provide lots of sleeping space.

And I appreciate all the party and holiday decoration ideas too!
light & ribbon garland. just tie ribbons onto a string of lights.

4th of July 

 Candy Pink Christmas Mantel.

 Kelly's Korner is doing a link up of all your favorite Pinterest ideas, so join in!

You can find me on Pinterest here.

Have a great weekend!


Copy Cat

 Kelly just did a post covering 9 Random Facts about herself! It was fun to read, so with her permission, I am stealing her idea. She challenged me to come up with 10.

1. My parents are from New York and that's where I was born. Then I  moved to Chicago when I was 1, then to Texas when I was 7.  I still say "you guys" instead of y'all. 

2. I waited tables in high school and college.  I once got in trouble from an older couple for saying "What can I get you guys to drink?"! They talked to the manager and told him it was disrespectful. I promise when I say you guys, it's  in the most respectful way.  I don't sound like a punk from the Jersey Shore. 

3. My love of working in restaurants led me to major in Hotel/ Restaurant Management at Texas Tech. It was lots of fun!  I was put on academic probation my first semester there. Whoops! That was due to math and science! My 2 roommates graduated with 4.O GPAs...I did not! They both have jobs....I do not.

4. When I was about to graduate from Tech (1997) I saw Tiger Woods on Entertainment Tonight, because he just won the Masters for the first time. He was at the opening of his new restaurant, All Star Cafe, in Myrtle Beach, SC. That looked like so much fun to me! So after college I moved to Myrtle Beach,  BY MYSELF(!) and worked at All Star Cafe waiting tables for a year.

5. I choked on a piece of candy when I was little and my mom had to do the Heimlich maneuver on me. Now I can't swallow pills, because it scares me.  I just gag and they come right back up!  I can't really take liquid medicine either, but that's just because I am a giant baby. I have to mix it with juice.  I give Katie her medicine the same way!

6. I had 3 car accidents by the age of 17! I totaled my car 3 weeks after I turned 16! I rear ended somebody on the way to school. Then 3 weeks after that I BEGGED my mom to borrow her car! She let me, and I wrecked her car! I was so scared to come home! Then about year and a half after that, I had my own car again. It was raining and I was about to turn left into our neighborhood. My car hydroplaned and I hit a median and my car FLIPPED upside down! I landed on the roof and on the other side of the road. It was a miracle I didn't get hurt!  And it was embarrassing. I didn't drive for awhile after that! And I haven't had any real accidents since then.  (EXCEPT) The second house Marcus and I lived in, had the garage in the back. So I did hit the house 3 different times turning right into the garage. Those don't count though! 

7. I don't like condiments! Mustard and ketchup make me want to barf. I eat my burgers and sandwiches and hot dogs plain. I wish Marcus would too!  I do love salsa though! And I had salad dressing for the first time in college and I like it.

8. I like chain restaurants and I pretty much get the same thing every time I go to each one.  Which is weird, because I really don't like routine! If I go to a Mexican restaurant, I get fajitas every time.  With no sour cream or guacamole, because they are condiments! And no beans too!

9. Vanilla Ice had a concert at my school when I was in 10th grade! We won a contest through a radio station, 100.3 Jamz! I really like watching his house remodeling show too! And now I want to sing, "Stop! Collaborate and listen. Ice is back with a brand new invention..."

10. I burp like a man. It 's not a talent that everyone can appreciate. I very politely say., "excuse me!" after I burp though. Now I have to tell you a funny story and I may have shared it before?: One time Marcus and I were at the movies and he elbowed me so hard I nearly fell out of my chair! He said, "You're in the movies!" I looked at the screen and said, "I'm in the movie?" All excited like there was someway I had made it into a movie without knowing it!? Then he said, "You just burped SO loud...in the movies!" Ohhhhh! Then I noticed everyone looking at us. I am SURE they thought it was him that burped! I was totally oblivious that I had even done that. I guess I was into the story.( we were watching Stuck on You, with Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon)  And I was drinking a bucket of Coke! 

I feel like everything about me is pretty random!
#11. Marcus wanted me to tell you that I am lactose intolerant! I do actually have some funny stories that go along with that, but they will never be published on this blog!

Let's hear your random things too!


Life Lately

 Marcus and I have been trying to have a date night at least every other week. 
 It's easy to just become "parents" and not husband and wife. Katie is all consuming right now, but in several years that will change.  She will have her own life separate from ours.  I don't want to be living with a stranger.

That, AND it's fun to go out to eat!
On Monday we went to The Woodshed in Forth Worth. It's on the Trinity River.
It's all outdoors and it was perfect weather. We sat in the inside-ish part of the outdoors. They had live music. It was nice and grown up! No slides or clown faces anywhere.  It wasn't a fancy place at all, but the menu was a little fancy for us. 

This is our dessert! peach cobbler and Chocolate meringue pie
It was good. I took half my pie home and had it for breakfast the next day!
Marcus didn't have a crumb left of his peach cobbler.
 I have never been a fan of peach cobbler. I think it smells like stinky feet.  And I don't like my fruit to be hot! And I don't like the idea of passing off fruit as a dessert. Chocolate is a real dessert!

After dinner we drove through the old neighborhoods in Fort Worth. We love old houses.  This is the only picture I got, because lots of people were out in their yards and I didn't want to look like a creeper.
We are thankful for our families that are always willing to babysit!

And here are some other memories I want to preserve:
Katie loved this cart at the grocery store. It's getting harder and harder to keep her in the cart these days, so this was a winner for all of us!
 She took her driving VERY seriously!

 Katie and I went up to my niece and nephew's school to have lunch with them.
My sister and dad came too!

Do you think this is good for her allergies?  What about wearing Christmas PJs in March? 
 Katie loves her dogs!

 This was taken a couple of weeks ago at my parent's house.
 This little desk used to be mine!
We've been hanging out at my sister's and parent's houses a lot while Marcus is in Paramedic school. I try to give him a quiet house for a couple of hours the night before exams.
 It's paying off, because he is doing really well.  He would still rather be digging ditches in the hot sun, but at least he is doing well!
 And he got to eat peach cobbler this week, so that's something!

P.S. You need to check out my friend, Staci's blog! She is giving away a cute green bubble necklace and some chevron bracelets!


If You Stand Still Long Enough, I Might Paint You Turquoise!

I've been getting projects done about 10 minutes at a time here and there. 
 I have come to the conclusion that I am just not going to have a big chunk of time all at once. 
Not until Katie goes to college. 

That's why spray paint is my best friend. It can change something super fast! 
 I just repainted Katie's high chair.  It was originally my sister's and mine, then her kids, & now Katie's.
And some people might think I am making some sort of announcement by painting it blue, but I assure you, I AM NOT! 
 It just needed a fresh coat of paint.  Katie doesn't use it much anymore, but I love having it around for company with little ones.  I will keep it for my grand kids. I wonder how many layers of paint it will have on it by then?

This is what it looked like before.
 I had to use the picture of the cute one year old baby with the chunky thighs!

 I also painted a lamp in my living room the same turquoise color:

And a cross outside a brighter turquoise.  
 This is what Katie and Marcus were doing while I was taking pictures outside:
 It reminded me of one of my favorite pictures:
It was a little over a year ago! Still a dare devil!

So the moral of the story is, spray paint is cheap, easy, and fast.
 (there's an obvious "your mama" joke in that last sentence, that I will ignore...kinda)

It's a good thing, because I have a long list of items to be painted.  I will get them done, one Little Einsteins episode at a time!