Today is Marcus's half birthday!  
For those of you that just met me, we celebrate half birthdays in this house.  One birthday a year just isn't enough!

We started the day off with cinnamon rolls, with birthday napkins, of course!
 The rest of the day was about food too!

 Marcus and I went to a Mexican place in the Ft. Worth Stockyards.  It was so good! And it was just the 2 of us, so that made it even better! 

Sadly, my husband has decided to grow some facial hair.  He had a goatee last week and then on Tuesday he turned it into a really unfortunate mustache.

My mother in law kept Katie while we went out.  We saw them walking as we were driving to pick her up. She was in her Annie's sweatshirt.  So cute.  Katie has lots of fun with Annie and her cousin Jeddy!
All that playing made for a good nap!

I also made Marcus a lime 1/2  birthday cake.  He loves Key Lime pie, so I was hoping he would like this too.  
He likes the middle of the cake, so this is how he cut his piece:
 You can do whatever you want on your half birthday!
Now you can see that mustache in all it's glory....or in all it's grodiness!
I can't end on that last picture.
Here's Marcus's normal cute face. I can't wait to see it again. 
 I don't remember our wedding vows saying anything specifically about mustaches? But I guess I will stick with him. I have grown a couple extra chins since we got married, so we're even.

Happy Half Birthday to my favorite person in the world!


Staci said...

Hope he's had a fabulous half birthday!

My hubby has a goatee and he was complaining the other day that he was tired of it. I told him if he shaved it, he'd have to shave the whole thing. (He had a mustache back in the day.) He couldn't understand why. I was like "Seriously? You are not magnum p.i. and it's not 1983!"

Kate Craig said...

I went to a bridal shower during "mustache march" one year and they asked for your one piece of advice for the bride. I said "try to say yes as often as you can." Their minds went to the gutter but I was talking about the mustache! I try to remember that I have a few clothing items that he hates just as much. But it doesn't make it any more attractive! Do you watch Friends? It always makes me think of when Chandler and Joey tried to be like Richard. Because no one but Burt Reynolds looks good with a mustache.

Brooklynn said...

Haha. I remember that on friends!

911 MOMMY said...

Happy half birthday Marcus!

Erin K said...

Happy 1/2 birthday Marcus! And let it be known, just because you can grow facial hair, doesn't mean ya should. I agree Dina, he looks much better without it. Must be going through a phase. Maybe if you can train Katie Belle to say it's too scratchy....????

Lori said...

LOL! Oh, this post made me laugh. I love when my husband has facial hair, but I like him to look like a grizzly. He's pretty tame with it and only has a goatee thing. Heehee :-)

Cory said...

Girl, he is trying to grow himself a handlebar mustache. Haha! That is so funny. My daddy always had a smooth face and I imprinted on that, so when I married a guy who had a mustache it was out of my comfort zone. I would have preferred a goatee situation but that always bothered him, so finally we "compromised" and now he has a smooth face and I am HAPPY! ;)