Copy Cat

 Kelly just did a post covering 9 Random Facts about herself! It was fun to read, so with her permission, I am stealing her idea. She challenged me to come up with 10.

1. My parents are from New York and that's where I was born. Then I  moved to Chicago when I was 1, then to Texas when I was 7.  I still say "you guys" instead of y'all. 

2. I waited tables in high school and college.  I once got in trouble from an older couple for saying "What can I get you guys to drink?"! They talked to the manager and told him it was disrespectful. I promise when I say you guys, it's  in the most respectful way.  I don't sound like a punk from the Jersey Shore. 

3. My love of working in restaurants led me to major in Hotel/ Restaurant Management at Texas Tech. It was lots of fun!  I was put on academic probation my first semester there. Whoops! That was due to math and science! My 2 roommates graduated with 4.O GPAs...I did not! They both have jobs....I do not.

4. When I was about to graduate from Tech (1997) I saw Tiger Woods on Entertainment Tonight, because he just won the Masters for the first time. He was at the opening of his new restaurant, All Star Cafe, in Myrtle Beach, SC. That looked like so much fun to me! So after college I moved to Myrtle Beach,  BY MYSELF(!) and worked at All Star Cafe waiting tables for a year.

5. I choked on a piece of candy when I was little and my mom had to do the Heimlich maneuver on me. Now I can't swallow pills, because it scares me.  I just gag and they come right back up!  I can't really take liquid medicine either, but that's just because I am a giant baby. I have to mix it with juice.  I give Katie her medicine the same way!

6. I had 3 car accidents by the age of 17! I totaled my car 3 weeks after I turned 16! I rear ended somebody on the way to school. Then 3 weeks after that I BEGGED my mom to borrow her car! She let me, and I wrecked her car! I was so scared to come home! Then about year and a half after that, I had my own car again. It was raining and I was about to turn left into our neighborhood. My car hydroplaned and I hit a median and my car FLIPPED upside down! I landed on the roof and on the other side of the road. It was a miracle I didn't get hurt!  And it was embarrassing. I didn't drive for awhile after that! And I haven't had any real accidents since then.  (EXCEPT) The second house Marcus and I lived in, had the garage in the back. So I did hit the house 3 different times turning right into the garage. Those don't count though! 

7. I don't like condiments! Mustard and ketchup make me want to barf. I eat my burgers and sandwiches and hot dogs plain. I wish Marcus would too!  I do love salsa though! And I had salad dressing for the first time in college and I like it.

8. I like chain restaurants and I pretty much get the same thing every time I go to each one.  Which is weird, because I really don't like routine! If I go to a Mexican restaurant, I get fajitas every time.  With no sour cream or guacamole, because they are condiments! And no beans too!

9. Vanilla Ice had a concert at my school when I was in 10th grade! We won a contest through a radio station, 100.3 Jamz! I really like watching his house remodeling show too! And now I want to sing, "Stop! Collaborate and listen. Ice is back with a brand new invention..."

10. I burp like a man. It 's not a talent that everyone can appreciate. I very politely say., "excuse me!" after I burp though. Now I have to tell you a funny story and I may have shared it before?: One time Marcus and I were at the movies and he elbowed me so hard I nearly fell out of my chair! He said, "You're in the movies!" I looked at the screen and said, "I'm in the movie?" All excited like there was someway I had made it into a movie without knowing it!? Then he said, "You just burped SO loud...in the movies!" Ohhhhh! Then I noticed everyone looking at us. I am SURE they thought it was him that burped! I was totally oblivious that I had even done that. I guess I was into the story.( we were watching Stuck on You, with Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon)  And I was drinking a bucket of Coke! 

I feel like everything about me is pretty random!
#11. Marcus wanted me to tell you that I am lactose intolerant! I do actually have some funny stories that go along with that, but they will never be published on this blog!

Let's hear your random things too!


Staci said...

How are we not related?? I live, what I refer to as, a "condiment-free" lifestyle, too! So random! I always order my burgers plain. And I'm a creature of habit with the chain restaurants, too. I ALWAYS order fajitas (beef) in Mexican restaurants and if we eat fast food, all I have to tell Jose is "I'll have my usual" and he knows what to order for me, no matter where we are.
Love the Myrtle Beach story. Wish I'd have been that adventerous in my younger days!

I feel like I'm always copying you, but I'm going to have to make my list. Too fun!

The Howell's said...

Girl, I eat my hamburgers & hotdogs the same way. PLAIN. My husband {Tech grad 1998} makes fun of me. I do not ketchup or mustard. HATE the smell. BUT I do like B-B-Q. ;)

April said...

funny post! Had no idea that anyone could not like condiments. I have a friend who wears a "I put ketchup on my ketchup" shirt. Not sure if mixing your food preferences and fashion is a good idea, ha!

I'm with you on the medicine. I have to really want some relief in order to take the stuff.

Sheila said...

Coke burps are the best. My best friend and I used to have contests at work, and yeah, we still do 25 years later!

Thomas and Jamie said...

Okay - now I just have to meet you! I live right outside of Amarillo and have been reading your blog for a LOOOONNNNGGG time. I might have commented once or twice, but I'm more of a stalker than a talker! ;o)

I went to Tech from 02-07 (finished Bachelors and got Masters) - it didn't really take me that long to get just one degree! ha I also burp like a man and my husband LOVES me to show off for the youth we work with at our church!! Seriously - next time I'm near DFW, I'm going to have to look you up!

Courtney Osborne said...

I am surprised you didn't mention how beans are "fuzzy".

Blanche said...

Fun post!! I could live without ketchup but I do love mustard!
My hubby taught me how to burp (like when you drink a coke or whatever) on one of our first dates! Other than becoming a father I think that might make the list of his proudest accomplishments! My Mom wasn't as impressed! :)

Leslie said...

#10! I am laughing so hard! My husband thinks something is wrong with me.

Jennie said...

These made me laugh! I can't even make myself burp so when I do I think it is SOOO WEIRD! And I say y'all and people where I work think I am so country! HA! Thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

Oh, Dina! The good 'ole days!!!

I, of course, knew about many of these things because they happened when we were BFF's in high school and college roomies.....the wrecks, the burping, your silly inability to take a darn pill, the GPA "challenges" (BTW, I did make one B in college, so it wasn't quite a 4.0).

Your sheer bravery in moving to Myrtle Beach was inspiring to me on many different levels, and I'm still proud that you did that.

I think you've read one of my posts that is similar to this one: http://maddiethegirl.blogspot.com/search?q=weird+about+me

Miss you!