Favorite Things Friday

Today my sweet friend, Catherine, is sharing her favorite things.  
 She is the Queen of Party hostessing and has the best ideas.  I always order my invitations from her and personalized party things. Catherine is also the one who made the cute note cards for my giveaway. 

So meet Catherine!  She is going to help you be the Hostess with The Mostest Too!

I'm so excited to be guest posting on Dina's blog!  Dina and I have a shared love for Jesus, decorating, and throwing parties- what else do you need? 
She asked me to share some of my favorite things as it relates to parties.  I tried to pick things you might not already know about, and I tried to limit my list to something that wasn't too long to read.  Here we go.

Shop Sweet Lulu
I love this shop for so many reasons.  They have cute party supplies, great prices and their web site is easy to navigate.  On top of that- most of the time whatever you order is shipped the same day and comes 2 days later.  Great for last minute!  On almost every party I order straws, favor bags and candy cups from there.  Plus I love the berry baskets and milk bottles.  



I have used this site more than Lulu actually.  Most everything they have is plain and cute and easily customizable.  I kind of love everything.  I mostly order the ripple cups, ripple containers, favor bags, wooden silverware, and the paperfood trays.  And probably more.  Their blog is fantastic and filled with great ideasBelow are some Garnish items I used at a dinner party- the coffee container and cups, straws and wooden silverware.  I think the push pops are actually from Shop Sweet Lulu.

The Sugar Diva
I just recently placed my first order with them but I thought they were worth the mention because their prices are a teensy tiny bit better than Lulu (like cents) and they have a bigger selection but I don't think their site is as easy to navigate.  Check out the 3 pages of straws in different patterns and colors!  Plus milkshake straws, soda straws and cocktail straws.  These bags are great also- the mod circle bags are my favorite I think!  Here's what I just purchased from them for an upcoming party!

When it comes to invitations, Minted is amazing.  If you don't use me then go there :-)  They use work from graphic artists from all over and they have some of the most creative designs anywhere.  Plus great paper and die cut invitations.  I like to get on there and look just to be inspired and get ideas.  Now I will warn you, if you are looking for your least expensive option- this isn't it.  

Simply Pressed
Letterpressing is hot right now!  Luckily I have a friend with a letterpress (who sometimes lets me design for her) and luckily for you her prices are some of the best around.  Letterpressing has been around for a long time (mid 15th century or something) and the printing is done one piece at a time and leaves an indention in the paper.  It's beautiful and custom and unique!

Everything Design
And now it's time for shameless self promotion! I started my business a little over 2 years ago and I get to work on my favorite thing- parties!  Invitations, banners, cupcake toppers, save the dates... I called it Everything Design because I couldn't pick just one thing I like to design.  If you need anything for an upcoming party, wedding or event then give me a try.  I will work hard so that I become one of your favorites!  Check out my Facebook Page!

Here are a few recent designs!

Thanks Dina for letting me take over your blog for a day!

Cat @

P.S. My favorite thing in the world is a Vanilla Soy No Water Chai from Starbucks.  I couldn't mention favorite things without mentioning something I crave daily!

Thanks Catherine!  
I am so blessed to have such a fun talented friend!  
She knows lots about fun beauty products too, so I will invite her back to share all that info with us soon!


Catherine said...

Just realized I forgot to put www.hostessblog.com as my favorite spot for party inspiration. Oh well, we may have to do another post!

Ellen said...

Wonderful post! Thanks for all the awesome resources!