Favorite Things Friday...On Saturday!

These are all my favorite things for a sick kid! 
Mainly because I have been dealing with a sick kid! Katie has allergies and she is super stuffy.  And it has caused a 6 week long ear infection.

  She woke up covered in polka dots on Thursday, because the 3rd, and most powerful antibiotic they gave her caused hives!
She is in a good mood and we are just thankful for her overall health!
Katie is still at the age where she can't successfully blow her nose.  
And she does not sit still for the bulb syringe boogie sucker. Does your kid?  I wouldn't either. 

We love this electric snot sucker.  It plays music and it's a little vacuum for the nose!  
Nasalclear Nasal Aspirator From Bebe Sounds Reviews 

We use a saline spray before sucking.  It helps loosen all the snot!  
 I hope you're not eating right now!  And for those of you without kids...I'm sorry! 
Simply Saline Sterile Saline Nasal Mist - 4.25 fl oz

We put Vicks on her chest at night when she is stuffed up.  I also heard (from all of you!) to put it on her back and her feet! It really does help! 

Vicks BabyRub, 50 gr 

Yay for Benadryl! The box says it's for ages 6 to 11, BUT it was recommended by our doctor, so we feel OK using it. Right now we are using it for the hives, but it's good at night to clear sinuses too! And it makes them sleepy, which is an added bonus! :)  
Children’s BENADRYL® Allergy Liquid

I know I am probably just as smart as a doctor, but don't go by my word. Ask a REAL professional first before giving it to your child under 6. I just know I was happy to hear I could give Katie something for relief, because all the cold and allergy drug labels say 6 and up.

Soothing Vapor bath is great too.
Anything to clear the sinuses! 
And a humidifier in her room with with some Mentholatum has worked great also.

And take 2 donut holes and call me in the morning! 
I'm a professional in that regard!
When we went to the doctor on Thursday for the hives, they prescribed steroids. Have you ever seen a 2 year old on steroids?

 Right now I am thankful for the trampoline to burn off some crazy energy!

All these things I have heard from other moms, so I wanted to share with you too! 

I loved my friend, Catherine's list of favorite party supply sites she shared last week! 
You can check it out here if you missed it.
I also wanted to tell you that she and her husband just brought home a 2 week old foster baby yesterday! She's not only super talented and creative, but she has a big heart too! They also have a 4 year old little boy.  Keep them in your prayers!

Have a great weekend and I hope you never have to use these sick remedies I shared...except the donuts! Those are good in sickness and in health!


Christine said...

No fun! My 2.5 year old has seasonal allergies and I give her a dose of children's Claritin when she needs it. She's been on it since 6 months old. - I think it helps!!!

Lauren said...

I use Hyland's nighttime cold'n cough $ kids - they have lots of different kinds depending on what it going on. I love it because it is 100% natural and clears my girls right up!! Plus it is safe for 2+ - I think I got it at Walgreens - but I LOVE IT!

Nicole said...

My kids don't like the feel of vapor rub. SO, my favorite product are the Vapor Plugs that you plug into the electrical outlet that emit vapor into the room. They help so much with clearing a stuffy nose, without the "burn" of the rub.

My mom always told me to put Vicks on the bottom of the kids' feet and put socks on them. Although the kids don't like it, I've known to do it to myself!!!