Favorite Things Friday...Pinterest Ideas

 I love Pinterest and who ever thought of it is a genius! 
 I used to keep pages of magazines, so this is way easier, and less cluttery.  I am not addicted and just go on it every once in a while.  It is great when you need an idea though! 

I know some people don't like Pinterest, because it makes them feel inferior and bad about themselves. I learned in my one and only college psychology class that nobody can make you feel anything.  It's your choice! :) So just borrow ideas from the super crafy, fit, organized, baker, creative, fashionista people! And don't feel bad that you didn't home make your child's outfit, cake, invitations, decorations, and party favors, for their first birthday! 

I love seeing ideas that I would have never thought of, like this one:
Giving a Standard Cabinet Furniture Style  --  How to add legs and a skirt to cabinets!
 This is about making your built in cabinets look more like furniture.

 And I like these ideas for built in beds.  We will do this one day when we get to build our own house. I love to have company.  And Katie will get to have lots of slumber parties too!

in a play room

 great way to use the attic portion of a house and provide lots of sleeping space.

And I appreciate all the party and holiday decoration ideas too!
light & ribbon garland. just tie ribbons onto a string of lights.

4th of July 

 Candy Pink Christmas Mantel.

 Kelly's Korner is doing a link up of all your favorite Pinterest ideas, so join in!

You can find me on Pinterest here.

Have a great weekend!


Staci said...

Love that idea for cabinets! So smart! I love Pinterest.

Erin K said...

I LOVE Pinterest! Can't wait to see what you've pinned!

Natasha said...

I made the fabric light garland for our Christmas tree this past year after seeing it on a SUYL Christmas decorations post. I loved it! And it was super-easy to make. Plus it used up almost all of my random, free Christmas fabric which was a bonus.

Vonda said...

Well if you like Pinterest, you will love Wanelo. But you may want to slap me for introducing you. It's like Pinterest, but you can BUY everything that's there. Seriously. My daughter introduced me a few weeks ago and I haven't left my computer since. lol