Hippity Hoppity

 Easter's on it's way! 

We have both families coming here next Sunday for Easter lunch.  So I am trying to get my house all Eastered up!  My house looks like a giant Easter egg anyway, so it all fits right in!
 I have also been a little addicted to spray paint these days. I just painted my shutters green on Friday.
 It feels like I JUST had a Christmas tree in this same corner. 

 My bunny got some petunias.  
I had to take the picture from inside, because I still had my PJs on.  I still have them on now, if I'm being honest!

 I need to change my little chalkboard to say something more Easterish.

My TV is above my mantle, so I decorate the inside of the fireplace.
 Last year, my sister made Katie this bunny for Easter. 
She LOVES it!
 We love to make his ears flop in front of his face 
and play peek a boo!
My sister, Kelly, has an Etsy shop now, so you can put a bunny in your kids's Easter basket too! I think they also make great baby gifts!
You can find her Etsy shop here

And we've been practicing egg hunting!
 Our eggs are empty, so I think Katie will be pleasantly surprised on Easter when they are filled with candy!
I love bunnies, eggs, peeps and jelly beans, but we are trying to teach the REAL meaning of Easter too! And that story is for everyday, not just Easter Sunday! 

And if you don't have a church to go to this Sunday, you are invited to mine! 
  EASTER INVITE from First Colleyville on Vimeo.

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