If You Stand Still Long Enough, I Might Paint You Turquoise!

I've been getting projects done about 10 minutes at a time here and there. 
 I have come to the conclusion that I am just not going to have a big chunk of time all at once. 
Not until Katie goes to college. 

That's why spray paint is my best friend. It can change something super fast! 
 I just repainted Katie's high chair.  It was originally my sister's and mine, then her kids, & now Katie's.
And some people might think I am making some sort of announcement by painting it blue, but I assure you, I AM NOT! 
 It just needed a fresh coat of paint.  Katie doesn't use it much anymore, but I love having it around for company with little ones.  I will keep it for my grand kids. I wonder how many layers of paint it will have on it by then?

This is what it looked like before.
 I had to use the picture of the cute one year old baby with the chunky thighs!

 I also painted a lamp in my living room the same turquoise color:

And a cross outside a brighter turquoise.  
 This is what Katie and Marcus were doing while I was taking pictures outside:
 It reminded me of one of my favorite pictures:
It was a little over a year ago! Still a dare devil!

So the moral of the story is, spray paint is cheap, easy, and fast.
 (there's an obvious "your mama" joke in that last sentence, that I will ignore...kinda)

It's a good thing, because I have a long list of items to be painted.  I will get them done, one Little Einsteins episode at a time!


Staci said...

Loving the turquoise! I need some color in my house in a bad way. Builder grade beige... blah!

I posted a giveaway on my blog. It's colorful!http://camachohouse.blogspot.com/2013/03/feeling-lucky.html

K said...

What color and brand is that turquoise you painted the high chair? I've had a hard time finding a spray paint turquoise and any help would be appreciated! Thank you! (It's adorable, by the way!)