Life Lately

 Marcus and I have been trying to have a date night at least every other week. 
 It's easy to just become "parents" and not husband and wife. Katie is all consuming right now, but in several years that will change.  She will have her own life separate from ours.  I don't want to be living with a stranger.

That, AND it's fun to go out to eat!
On Monday we went to The Woodshed in Forth Worth. It's on the Trinity River.
It's all outdoors and it was perfect weather. We sat in the inside-ish part of the outdoors. They had live music. It was nice and grown up! No slides or clown faces anywhere.  It wasn't a fancy place at all, but the menu was a little fancy for us. 

This is our dessert! peach cobbler and Chocolate meringue pie
It was good. I took half my pie home and had it for breakfast the next day!
Marcus didn't have a crumb left of his peach cobbler.
 I have never been a fan of peach cobbler. I think it smells like stinky feet.  And I don't like my fruit to be hot! And I don't like the idea of passing off fruit as a dessert. Chocolate is a real dessert!

After dinner we drove through the old neighborhoods in Fort Worth. We love old houses.  This is the only picture I got, because lots of people were out in their yards and I didn't want to look like a creeper.
We are thankful for our families that are always willing to babysit!

And here are some other memories I want to preserve:
Katie loved this cart at the grocery store. It's getting harder and harder to keep her in the cart these days, so this was a winner for all of us!
 She took her driving VERY seriously!

 Katie and I went up to my niece and nephew's school to have lunch with them.
My sister and dad came too!

Do you think this is good for her allergies?  What about wearing Christmas PJs in March? 
 Katie loves her dogs!

 This was taken a couple of weeks ago at my parent's house.
 This little desk used to be mine!
We've been hanging out at my sister's and parent's houses a lot while Marcus is in Paramedic school. I try to give him a quiet house for a couple of hours the night before exams.
 It's paying off, because he is doing really well.  He would still rather be digging ditches in the hot sun, but at least he is doing well!
 And he got to eat peach cobbler this week, so that's something!

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Staci said...

Ha! I sleep in candy cane pajama pants most nights, so yes, they help! Glad y'all to have a date night! We are in need of one bad! I've never heard of that restaurant. I must get out more!

Thanks for the shout out! Now, go enter!

Tracy said...

Looks like you all had a fun date night! My kiddos wear their Christmas and Halloween pj's all year long.=)

Miss G said...

looks like a really fun date! i love going to unique places. I never heard of that one when I was there.

David loves to wear his Christmas pjs still too. :) Kelly