The Baby Book Edition

 I am so thankful to have this blog to help preserve some precious memories. This has become Katie's baby book, because I have yet to write in hers!
  I will get to it when she's in kindergarten. I used to write a post on every 14th of the month when Katie became one month older.  I stopped at 24 months, just because it felt silly saying, "you are 32 months old now!" 

It's so fun to go back and read what was going on in those times.  You think you will always remember every detail, and each milestone when it happened...but you don't.  Or at least I don't.  So this is going to be all about Katie Belle and what she's up to now.  I realize only a tiny fraction of you will care about this.  Maybe just her Nonni and her Daddy. 

Tonight Katie and I went to Rosa's for Taco Tuesday, so Marcus could study for a test he has tomorrow. 
 She was a fun date!
 Katie will be turning 3 in less than 4 months! She is looking older every day and it's a little sad!And her hair is growing like Rapunzel's!

Some things I want to remember 
about this 2 1/2 year old:
* She always asks me to sit on the couch to watch "tartoons" and cuddle. And she has a lisp, so it's really "tartoonths" and it's cute. She loves Little Einsteins with a deep deep love. 

*Loves music of all kinds.  She has great rhythm and HAS to dance to anything with a good beat. She will stop what she is doing and say, "I gotta dance!" She even did that at church in the Christmas Eve service. Hopped right off the pew and got in the aisle and danced! She loves to sing songs and can remember all the words. 

* She hugs tight and says, "you're trapped!" and won't let go. Or she says, "I love you so much!" It kind of melts my heart.

*Sleeps great. 11 to 12 hours at night and a 2 hour nap. She's still in a crib and climbs in it by herself.  She doesn't know that she can probably climb out of it too. When I tuck her in she says, "Night Night, sweet dreams, I love you!"

 *Then she turns her Dream Light on.
(if any of you have toddlers, you have seen the dream light commercial 1 bajillion times! We got it for Christmas and it has been great!)

These are pictures of Katie a year ago:
 I thought she was SO big then!
 This was 2 years ago! I could eat that baby up!

 *Katie LOVES to play hide and seek
This is her asking Aunt Kelly, "where did Ryan go?"

 Here he is!
 * When Katie hides, she yells, "come find me! Here I am!"  She's not a very good hider yet. 

* She is also a confessor of her sins! When I pick her up from school or the church nursery, she immediately tells me if she hit someone or took a toy away! I love that she can't keep it in and that she feels remorseful. I hope that trait stays. 

*She is a lover of pasta! She is a pretty typical 2 year old eater, PICKY! So I am glad that she likes pasta so we can get some vegetables in her. A few other healthy things she likes are almonds, pistachios, green beans, chicken...that might be it.  And if something is unhealthy or contains sugar, she loves it. ( she inherited that from both parents)
*Katie plays with ALL her toys.  Even ones she got for her first birthday and Christmas. She loves her kitchen and makes us food. Blocks and Legos are her favorite. And playing catch with her ball. 

*She is such an encourager! She notices if I clean the house when she's at MDO. "You cleaned your house? Good job Mom!" Or anytime I decorate for a holiday or birthday, she tells me I'm a good decorator! She even tells me good job when I go pee pee in the potty! 

*I love having another girl in the house. At dinner when I am chatting up a storm and Marcus will just say one word here or there, she says "He's not talking very well!" That girl is observant!

I am choosing to focus on all the good, fun, cute stuff. There is no reason to document the annoying, disobedient, makes me want to run away to a hotel, stuff. All of that is just typical 2 year old and how she is learning and growing. And it is keeping me in constant contact with God asking for patience and wisdom.

This daughter of ours was worth the wait. Katie is a joy and a blessing and we feel overwhelmed with thankfulness that we get to be her parents.


Staci said...

Aw, so sweet. Some things remind me of Olivia. She also has a lisp. And she also loves to tell me when I'm a good girl. I bet Katie and Olivia would be good buddies. They could cook for us while we share a fountain coke and talk about reality tv and how much we hate condiments. Ha!

I'd love tondo some photos of Katie this summer. Just for practice for me. I haven't done any Ina while and my kids don't exactly want to model for me anymore!

donna said...

You are right Deen, I can read about her all day! (Just don't tell me if she gets hurt).