This is Instead of Painting

I'm not sure exactly why, but a full drink fridge makes me very happy!
Lots of grocery stores are having great sales for Easter. So we stocked up! I wish a fridge full of broccoli and spinach made me just as happy. And honestly, I don't even know, does broccoli even go in the fridge? Never bought it!

 Besides loading up our fridge, I am trying to finish lots of projects before Easter, because we have family coming over.
 I am recovering my kitchen chairs and painting them too. 
This is the original pleather cover. I had black and white gingham on them forever.
 My parents got the kitchen table and chairs when I was 7. So I remember vividly sitting on these pleather chairs. Sometimes for hours avoiding my Shepherd's pie. (For those of you that haven't had it, it's mashed potatoes, ground beef and cooked vegetables.  Like peas  and carrots. I thought I was being punished when my mom served it.) I also did lots of homework in these seats. And there are mostly good memories that go along with them too! Not just vegetables and homework.
 I already had this fabric, so this will be a cheap makeover. The chairs are in the garage right now waiting for another coat of spray paint. I am procrastinating by sitting and chatting with you instead!
 Hopefully I will get this all done by tomorrow. I don't want to get white paint on anyone's Easter duds!

As I was getting all these pictures off my phone, I found 32 of these:

 For real! 32 just like that! Katie had my phone while I was checking out at Sam's yesterday.

Then there was one like this!
 I love her! 
Even though she did barf on my couch tonight...and all over the floor! She has done that every time they have a party at school! Today was the Easter party. I think it's sugar overload.  Lightweight! 

Thankfully she was perfectly fine after that. The Easter Bunny might be filling Katie's basket with apples and oranges this year! Leave the jelly beans and chocolate for Mommy! 


Staci said...

That picture of Katie is SO stinkin cute! And your fridge makes me happy, too! Can I come over?

So, is spray painting your favorite way of re-doing furniture. I know you used the Annie Sloan stuff, too. I keep reading great things about it. I'm kind of over our cherry nightstands and dresser. With the new house, I want something fresh without buying more new furniture. (Though, that would be fun!) I'm really itching to paint it but am totally scared I'll screw it up and then it will be uglier than it is now!

Lauren said...

I love me a soda stocked fridge as well :)

Lauren said...

I meant to ask where you are finding deals?!

Caroline said...

I can't wait t see the chairs....h and now I want a Dr. Pepper!! Mt fridge is bare :(

EveryNewBeginning said...

DFW has the best soda deals! Our sodas here are usually 4-5 a 12 pack.

O Mom said...

hahahaha! i can't believe you have never bought broccoli. You crack me up! And that last pic. of Katie needs to be framed. so cute.

donna said...

I wish you redid the kitchen furniture for us when we had it. It looks so good. And to let you know, the vegetables in shepard's pie were so tiny, you and Kelly were the only ones that could even see them.