Little Red Wagon

My sister and I went to the most eclectic estate sale over the weekend.  
The owners traveled the world. They had a real lion rug...with the head and claws still attached! We saw totem poles, Indian headdresses, and giant mouse statues in the back yard. The house reminded me so much of Graceland, because it looks like it's not been touched since the 70's.

I passed on the lion rug, but I did score a Radio Flyer wagon!
I have been wanting one for years! 
They are hard to find!

Of course I want mine for decorating!
I found these ideas on Pinterest.

Geraniums in a Radio Flyer Wagon.  I have my sisters lil red wagon, how cute this would be.I love Radio Flyer Wagons

This is probably what Marcus wants to do with it:
My hubby wants to build this for our future kids someday-An off-Road Radio Flyer Wagon

I can picture filling it with ice and canned drinks or using it for a cute 4th of July display. 

I am sure Katie will have fun with it too. I might need to give her a tetanus shot first.  
It's a little rusty! 


Favorite Things Friday: BEAUTY PRODUCTS!

Meet my friend, Paige. She's just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  
Inner beauty will get you no where! Let's talk about outer beauty today! 
(you know I'm kidding right? Pretty is as pretty does!)
Paige Robbins McAfee

Paige is always pulling different beauty products  out of her make up bag, that I have never heard of! This stuff is important to share with friends. Especially with older aging friends. So Paige shared with me and I am going to share with you!

Rodan and Fields - Unblemished for acne control

 I don't ever see blemishes on Paige's face, so I guess it works. 
This is a 4 step cleansing process. (kind of like proactive)

Osmotics Age Prevention Sheer Facial Tint SPF 45

She doesn't use foundation and this gives her some color and sun protection.

Napoleon Auto Pilot-Pore minimizer
 These 2 do the same thing. It makes pores appear smaller immediately.
Benefit - Porefessional

 Clarisonic - Mia2

 Paige puts her Rodan and Fields on the brush for cleansing. 
I have the oil of olay version of this that was just $30.  I am sure it isn't as good, but I have been happy with it.

Origins Plantscription eye cream

Makeup Forever - Extreme Camouflage Cream -(concealer)

She uses under eyes and on zits. (not that she has any)

Laura Mercier - Mineral Pressed Powder SPF 15-Classic Beige
 Bobbi Brown retouching powder in rose
 This is what Paige uses as her blush.

Benefit- High Beam Luminescent Complexion Enhancer
 Use it as a highlighter on your cheek bones, inside of eyes, and forehead. It gives you a healthy glow. 

Benefit - 

They're Real! Mascara


 According to the man at Sephora, this is their best selling mascara.

  And Paige mentioned that she puts her mascara on first, before anything else. That way she can clean off her eyelids without messing up her eye shadow. 


Buxom-Full Bodied Lipstick-Hooligan(mauve plum)


Nars- Lip liner Pencil-Marnie
  Paige also mentioned that Revlon makes one called Raisin that is similar...and cheaper!

Clinique Chubby Stick - Graped-up

M0ther Plucker Lip Enhancer:
It's super tingly and makes your lips plumper.

Makeup Forever- Aqua Liner in matte black
It's waterproof, which i think is a huge bonus, especially for summer sweatiness!
 She mentioned that it takes almost 3 months to start seeing real results. Paiges eyelashes hit you in the face when she blinks, so it definitely works! 

Urban Decay - Naked Basics Palette
... huge rage of colours, think the 88 palette is the most popular
You can find lots of videos on youtube that show you how to apply eyeshadow with this pallet. 

Sephora Collection - Pro Airbrush #55

  She uses this with her pressed powder.


BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Ultra Thin Flat Iron 1"



And she uses their ceramix hair dryer too


 is a grooming aid with strong but flexible hold. This is a superb finishing tool for all hair types creating texture and shine. It is easy to wash out. Use in wet or dry hair.

I added the definition, because I had never heard of hair paste!

Paige uses it in her hair after she dries it.  




This sweet treat candy coats each strand to fight humidity, soften hair, add shine and speed up drying time.
This lightweight serum, softens and nourishes hair whilst adding amazing shine. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Use 1-3 pumps depending on length of hair, and emulsify between hands. Apply on mid-lengths to ends, and any other areas prone to frizz to add shine, reduce flyaways and speed up blow drying time. Hair will feel at least 50% smoother.
I NEED THIS! She said it can be found at Target! 

It's a 10 
Leave in Keratin
This protects against heat and helps with tangles. Paige uses this in her little girls' hair too.

Thanks Paige!

 I hope this was as informative for you all as it was for me!

Today is payday for us. I am going to skip the grocery shopping and bill paying, and spend all my money on beauty products! 
It seems sensible to me!


Bathing Suits and Chocolate Cake

It's warming up here again. Last night I spent an hour looking at bathing suits online, because in a month, it will be time! And when you have a toddler, you have to actually get in the pool too! There's no laying out on a lounge chair! So I need a new suit and I don't think I can wear my maternity bathing suit anymore. The kid is almost 3!

Which also brings me to this birthday cake! I sent some home with my mom and sister, but I still had a piece at my house. Let's just say that I book ended my day with chocolate cake. 
Cake for breakfast and cake after dinner.

That is not going to help the bathing suit wearing situation one bit!
I will let you know when I come up with a plan for wearing a bathing suit (without being mistaken for a hippo) and then I will fill you in. You all can keep me accountable! (that does not include you mom, or you Marcus!)  I think it's easier to have strangers be the boss of you, rather than your mom or husband. I am pretty sure that's a pride thing?

Let's keep talking about food, k? 
This afternoon I met a few friends at The Sweet Tooth Bake Shop and Bistro inside Golightly's. It was delish! And it's so cute in there too! 
I had quiche, a strawberry spinach salad and a turkey panini. Yum!

Rene and Paige

Me and Catherine
I am not a fan of this picture of me, but Catherine looks cute. So I took one for the team!

Tomorrow will be an exciting day, because I am going to do a Favorite Things Friday post, all about Paige's favorite beauty products. There's a lot! And the girl knows her stuff!


Celebrate Good Times

 Yesterday was my mom's birthday! 
It would be bad manners to tell you how old she turned this year, but I will tell you LAST year she turned 64.

 The gang, minus Marcus, because he had the stomach bug! He just stayed in our room all night, or maybe the other room too, if you know what I'm saying.
 Our plan was to have a picnic, because it's April. And the weather is beautiful in April right? 
A cold front came through during the day and dropped the temps to freezing cold degrees, plus rain!

So we had the shindig at my house, but we still had picnic food. Our chef had the stomach bug, so we let Chicken Express make our dinner. I added some fruit to be a good hostess.

 I also need to include my parent's anniversary dinner that we had last month. 
43 years of wedded bliss....and a little bickering.
 Grandparents with their grands:
 And with their favorite daughters and grands:
Morgan, Ryan, Kelly, my mom, Katie, Me, my dad.

Katie and I enjoyed a PJ day today.  We have just been so busy, we needed a day at home. I don't like busy. I know some people wear "busy" as a badge of honor. For me, all the important things and people in my life are neglected when I'm too busy. I want to keep my priorities straight. 

Sometimes my priorities are watching The Voice, but that's not the point. 


Just Life

 Katie's BFF's, Drew and Charis came to play last week! 
It was fun to have triplets for a couple of hours!

 After the sprinklers, I put them all in the bath. I took pics, but I won't share them here. It will be fun to show them when they are 16!

We all ate pizza together, then we found the kids all piled in Katie's crib!
 We all love Drew and Charis, and their mom and dad too!
Look at this awesome picture I got from Courtney's blog
They were at the Dr's office and they wanted their mommy to read them a book!

Last week was also Rodeo day at school.  
This is about as rodeo as we get around here.
 I remember when I moved to Texas all my friends told me I was going to ride a horse to school everyday. They convinced me that I would live on what looked like a camp ground and our meals would be cooked over a camp fire. Uh, not so much, BUT we do have Rodeo day! 

This is my little baby on Rodeo day last year.

And I got a question from Kate about my brother in law's movie theater that I wrote about last weekend.  So I thought other people might have questions about it too.
It's in their house and it's just for fun. It's not a business. 
It's just a nice big theater room. And my niece and nephew made it special by taking our orders and serving us food. We can't wait for the next movie night. 
And I will take more pictures of their house soon. They just moved in recently and they are still decorating and getting it all together. It's beautiful though!

Last week was a little crazy with the Boston bombings and the huge explosion in West, TX. Several firemen and other people lost their lives. And lots of homes were just flattened. I am praying this week is more uneventful. I know for those that were affected all the heartache is probably just beginning. Praying for peace and comfort for all involved.