A Fluffy, Wet Weekend

 How was your weekend? 
 Ours was nothing special, but fun!
 I went to the Just Between Friends consignment sale on Thursday and found these orange fluffies for Katie. (they were new, not used)
 It makes her look like a little Fraggle! 
She wore them to church today too!
 This afternoon we went for a walk, then I was watering my flowers and Katie wanted to be watered too!
 Marcus just kept shaking his head, saying "It's too cold!" 
It's quite the role reversal. I'm usually the more responsible one and he's usually the one saying, "It's fine!"

He saw how much fun it was and joined in!

 I think it was almost 80 today, so plenty warm enough for a hose! Katie got a warm bath right after this!

Yesterday Golightly's had a sidewalk sale. We met my mom up there. Katie spotted this piano right away and started giving us a concert. Her Nonni bought it for her!
 How could you resist!
 I'm pretty sure that thing will be painted by the end of the week! Wood doesn't really stand a chance at my house! 

Marcus and I went on a short date this weekend.  We got something to eat and ran to Walmart.  That seems to be our usual! 
 I wanted to run by the shoe department to see if they had any cute sandals for Katie. They didn't, BUT you can get some Bud Light slippers for your toddler!
Marcus held them next to the pink shoes to show that they were in the same department. Isn't that crazy?!

Maybe not as crazy as dressing your kid like a Fraggle and spraying her with the hose, but still crazy!


Dirt Princess said...

I luuuurved the Fraggles when I was little.....no wait...I still do!!!

Tracy said...

Katie is so cute and happy. I can't believe they have Beer flip flops for kids! Who in the world would buy them..oh wait, did you say Walmart? Well maybe someone will.
She'll love her new piano!
Have a great day.