Bathing Suits and Chocolate Cake

It's warming up here again. Last night I spent an hour looking at bathing suits online, because in a month, it will be time! And when you have a toddler, you have to actually get in the pool too! There's no laying out on a lounge chair! So I need a new suit and I don't think I can wear my maternity bathing suit anymore. The kid is almost 3!

Which also brings me to this birthday cake! I sent some home with my mom and sister, but I still had a piece at my house. Let's just say that I book ended my day with chocolate cake. 
Cake for breakfast and cake after dinner.

That is not going to help the bathing suit wearing situation one bit!
I will let you know when I come up with a plan for wearing a bathing suit (without being mistaken for a hippo) and then I will fill you in. You all can keep me accountable! (that does not include you mom, or you Marcus!)  I think it's easier to have strangers be the boss of you, rather than your mom or husband. I am pretty sure that's a pride thing?

Let's keep talking about food, k? 
This afternoon I met a few friends at The Sweet Tooth Bake Shop and Bistro inside Golightly's. It was delish! And it's so cute in there too! 
I had quiche, a strawberry spinach salad and a turkey panini. Yum!

Rene and Paige

Me and Catherine
I am not a fan of this picture of me, but Catherine looks cute. So I took one for the team!

Tomorrow will be an exciting day, because I am going to do a Favorite Things Friday post, all about Paige's favorite beauty products. There's a lot! And the girl knows her stuff!


Jennifer said...

Ask your friend where she got her Texas shirt. It is too cute!

And I feel your pain with the bathing suit. I have a stomach pooch from having babies and it bugs me so much, but not enough to quite eating ice cream at night and candy at work all day! Ha!

Leslie said...

After 2 c-sections and a hysterectomy, my abdominal nuscles don't exist (although they weren't my strong point before kids). I buy Lands End tankini's, and I get one size up. I read about doing that to get a little length and less clinginess and it works. They have a halter style top where the sides have ties to raise or lower the suit - super forgiving! I'm willing to take off my cover up with that top!