Cobbler and Crying...and a Gecko Too

 I was like a real wife from the 50's today.  I cleaned my house while Katie was at school. And then for dinner I made roast with potatoes and carrots, rolls, and a blackberry cobbler.  
 I realize wives in 2013 do this too, but it felt "vintage housewife" to me. I am domestically challenged most of the time. Even though dinner happens EVERYDAY, I always seem to be surprised by it? And I am the type of girl that would be happy to eat cereal for dinner. My husband, not so much!

So for me to plan ahead, and have it in the oven cooking by 1:00, deserves some recognition
 I made the Pioneer Woman's Blackberry Cobbler. It was SUPER easy! I think I will try it with blueberries next time. Then it will be like a giant blueberry muffin.  Which means that you could legally eat cobbler for breakfast!
So today was a success and yesterday felt like a BIG FAT FAIL!

I blame this guy:
My mom stopped by yesterday morning.  When she came in, this GIANT gecko came in with her! It was in my dining room. First it was on a chair.  I started to put the chair outside and it jumped off. I SCREAMED! Then it was on my curtains. My mom put on some huge rubber gloves, and tried to capture it in a tupperware.  It's hard to capture something from 5 feet away!  She got closer than I would though! We took the whole curtain rod down, with the curtains and the gecko on it, and started to go outside. It jumped off again! We both screamed, screamed, screamed! After a prayer, the gecko went outside on it's own. Thankfully!

BUT afterward, poor Katie Belle was in her room, on the floor, with her blanket crying! We gave the poor baby some serious anxiety! I guess she didn't like all the screaming.  (there was lots of laughing too!) Anyway, it turned our day upside down. She was clingy and whiny all the live long day! She was not herself at all! I truly think it was from all the commotion in the morning. I guess it could be a serious case of the "TWO'S"? She put our patience to the test until the minute she went to sleep...at almost 10:00! Thankfully our pastor had just done a sermon on patience and kindness the day before! God knew I would need that lesson!

I also needed family!  My sister in law let me come over in the middle of their home school day. Katie and I didn't need to be by ourselves! The cousins are a fun distraction. They are so good to her. 

We said lots of prayers that today would be different. And it was! Katie had a great day at school and she was lots of fun at home too. 

I was trying to get a picture of her hairdo that Marcus gave her. They were jumping on the trampoline and her hair was getting in her face, so he put it up.  He did a good job!

 Let's end on a happy note
 I took a picture of Lisa's (my sis in law) table decorations. I loved the scrabble letters! She has the best ideas!

We don't just have cobbler, run through the water hose, kind of days here.  Some days are more challenging than others! I am thankful for all of them though!


Nicole said...

I believe that little fellow is a green anole, actually. We used to own two that Dawson caught at Boy Scout camp. They eat bugs, so you should love him instead of hate him! :) I would have loved to have been there to see you and your mom freaking out, though!

Erica B said...

Crawly things from outside that get inside your house are just NOT cool! Back when I was a teenager, I remember we were eating dinner but my dad wasn't home. All of a sudden a lizard runs by and we all noticed (my mom, brother, and myself). My brother jumps up to catch it but for some reason my mom didn't want him to touch it with his hands so she gave him some kitchen tongs. He got a good hold of him but then his tail tore off. I screamed like crazy. So then we had a tail squirming on its own on the floor and a tail-less lizard running around spreading a little trail of blood. It was so gross. Finally he just used his hands and got him the heck out of there! It was the worst! I'm glad you got yours out too! I would not be able to sleep in a house if it had something like that inside and I had lost its location!

Jennifer said...

Yep, that's a full fledged lizard in my book. To me the geckos are those clear tiny little things. I hate them!!!

Tracy said...

Hahaha..I'm sorry! I would have freaked. Those things are fast. I don't like anything that can move faster than me. I guess I only like sloths. I was going to make PW cobbler this weekend, I'll do blueberry and let ya know!
Have a great weekend!

Erin K said...

I soooo wish I had been there to witness the Gecko incident! LOL!