I hope you all had a great Easter.  
And an uneventful April Fool's Day!
 I kept hearing how great The Jesus Storybook Bible was.  I got it for $5 at Mardel's!  

This is Katie amazed and amused by her flipping frog! 
 We had both sides of the family come over for lunch after church. I love that they all get along and enjoy each others company.
 My friend, Catherine, made me these place cards.

 I love that she put a cross by everybody's name. 
 You always hear that "Jesus died on the cross for your sins." Well sometimes that's really hard to accept that he really did it for ME! And YOU too! Even if you broke all 10 Commandments just today, He LOVES you! 

 And Jesus doesn't care that I didn't wear a new fancy Easter dress to church.  I was in the mood to be comfortable! Not so much in the mood for spanx. And I am a little bit too snow white for a dress without boots and tights. So pink pants won!

 Katie got a new dress.  She doesn't need spanx or a spray tan!
 Neither does Marcus.

 This is the girl table:
 My mom was nice enough to blow bubbles outside with Katie, so I could eat my lunch!

 My nephews got the little kid table. Thanks nephews!  I wouldn't have had enough chairs if they weren't willing to take one for the team.

The big boy table:

 My niece, Melissa, made some yummy and cute cupcakes.

My nieces and nephews, and Katie. 
She has THE BEST cousins! They stayed in her room while we hid eggs out front. 

They let Katie have a head start!

 The sweet taste of victory:

 My parents with their grands:

 Marcus's side of the family:

 My sister's family:

Katie yelled, "Uh Oh! The bunny lost his ears! Who did that?!"

 Hmmm...I wonder?


Miss G said...

So fun! I love Easter!

I tried to look kind of cute but definitely went the comfort route too. 9 months preggers for Easter is not really optimal as far as fashion goes. :)

We had the same Russel Stover rabbits on our Easter table thanks to my sil's mom. Fun times! Kelly

Jennie said...

I love all the family fun!!! I think you might just be the most fun/brightest/happiest blog ever! :)

Staci said...

Where are you shopping? Your clothes are always so cute! And I love the table decorations. You're my decorating hero. (Not just my jewelry hero.$

Brooklynn said...

So cute! I just love all the decorating you do! And, I'm envious that your family and in laws get along. Mine do, but we do nothing together. That's definitely something to be thankful for :)