Family Fun Weekend

 There was lots of fun packed into this weekend. 
Donut Friday was at Krispy Kreme with our friends! These are Katie's surrogate siblings, so they are really family!
Now all other Donut Fridays will pale in comparison.
 Charis, Katie and Drew.
This was after they were pumped with sugar. 

Freshly fried donuts being showered with glaze!

Then Friday night we went to the grand opening of my brother in law and sister in law's theater! 
 It's in their house, but it felt like a real theater!

My niece and nephew, Melissa and Jeddy, were our hosts for the night.
 They served each of us popcorn and drinks when we got there.
They welcomed us at the beginning of the movie, Toy Story. And told us that we could place our food orders by text! They had hot dogs, pizza, and nachos! They served us at our seats!
 This was Katie's first movie and she LOVED it! Almost as much as she loved the popcorn!

 She sat through the whole movie!
 My sister, me, Katie, Morgan and Ryan (my sister's kids) 
We had the best time! It was so much fun and we can't wait for the next movie! 
 This is cute baby Josh sitting by Katie. He has the sweetest smile! Katie looked HUGE next to him. 
Baby Josh is my sister in law Lisa's nephew. 
 We are all one big happy family!

This is Marcus's brother, David. My sister in law, Lisa, their son Jeddy, and our niece Melissa. She is the daughter of Marcus's sister. Is that clear as mud? You might not care, but I always like to know who everyone is in pictures!
 My family does stuff with Marcus's family a lot.  It's nice. And Lisa's family joins in too! It's great that we all live close to each other and that we all get along! 

So Marcus missed the big movie night, because he was hunting with these guys:

 Bobby and David.

 These are all Bobby's pictures. I am sure he took them all with the blog in mind! 
They went to Mary's Cafe on the way. That's a must for them. Marcus has been going there for 20 years.

 This is ONE order of Chicken Fried Steak!

 I guess Marcus went fishing:
 And this looks familiar!
 They were just gone about 24 hours. Marcus needed a little getaway! 

On Saturday Katie went to my parent's house for a little bit. I needed to get groceries. That's always WAY easier without a 2 year old. Then I also NEEDED to get a pedicure! 

This is one of the outfits I got Katie at the consignment sale last week.
I think she looks so old all of a sudden!
I love her hair in pig tails, but she likes it down. I usually bribe her with 3 Smarties if I get to put it up! 
 Her Nonni got a good picture of her blowing bubbles. That's her favorite hobby.

 I'm so thankful for my fun family!


Leslie said...

Such a fun weekend! I'll have to remember the Smarties trick. My daughter is almost 11 months, and putting her hair up is already a battle!

PS I love your blue pants!!

Nicole said...

Yes SO MUCH FUN! We had lots of family fun, too, but most of it involved dirt under my fingernails working in the garden and yard.

Tracy said...

Would your family be willing to adopt us? We would relocate, bring a side AND dessert to every family gathering and bags of popcorn for movie night.(IputM&M'sinmypopcorn) What an awesome movie theater! Katie looks like she is getting tall. So cute!

Dirt Princess said...

How cool you get to watch movies in your families theatre. Real theatres freak me out a bit...they just seem dirty.....and I'm not a germaphobe. Thats a VERY nice theatre!!!!

Kate Craig said...

You need to explain the theater more! Is it just for family movies or is it like a business? It's awesome!!