In The Dog House

Marcus finally finished this cute cozy dog house. 

 The happy home owners and the builder:
Blue, Cash, Marcus

 I like this picture, because it looks like Marcus is growing antlers.

 He totally would if he could!

Katie "helped" a lot with the dog house too! She even hung some pictures that she made in there. One day she drew pictures and asked me for some tape. She headed out in the backyard with them.  Later as she was coming back inside I heard her say, "Thanks for your help, Dad!"  Marcus helped her hang the art work. It was all her idea. She is a funny 2 year old!

 It's been a labor of love. Marcus has worked on it for the last few months when he's had extra time and money.  Those are 2 hard things to come by sometimes!

 The dogs love it and cuddle in there all the time.
 I feel like it needs a giant Snoopy laying on top of it! 

Now maybe Marcus can work on a house for me! One with indoor plumbing and electricity, please! 
And NO antlers.


Claire said...

What a cunning little house! How darling! Love the antlers pic - too funny.

Jennie said...

LOVE!!!! Especially her telling her Dad thanks for the help! Happy Friday!!!

Anonymous said...

How sweet!

Lauren said...

That is impressive! Great job! :)

Staci said...

Wow! He did a great job. Lucky dogs!