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 Katie's BFF's, Drew and Charis came to play last week! 
It was fun to have triplets for a couple of hours!

 After the sprinklers, I put them all in the bath. I took pics, but I won't share them here. It will be fun to show them when they are 16!

We all ate pizza together, then we found the kids all piled in Katie's crib!
 We all love Drew and Charis, and their mom and dad too!
Look at this awesome picture I got from Courtney's blog
They were at the Dr's office and they wanted their mommy to read them a book!

Last week was also Rodeo day at school.  
This is about as rodeo as we get around here.
 I remember when I moved to Texas all my friends told me I was going to ride a horse to school everyday. They convinced me that I would live on what looked like a camp ground and our meals would be cooked over a camp fire. Uh, not so much, BUT we do have Rodeo day! 

This is my little baby on Rodeo day last year.

And I got a question from Kate about my brother in law's movie theater that I wrote about last weekend.  So I thought other people might have questions about it too.
It's in their house and it's just for fun. It's not a business. 
It's just a nice big theater room. And my niece and nephew made it special by taking our orders and serving us food. We can't wait for the next movie night. 
And I will take more pictures of their house soon. They just moved in recently and they are still decorating and getting it all together. It's beautiful though!

Last week was a little crazy with the Boston bombings and the huge explosion in West, TX. Several firemen and other people lost their lives. And lots of homes were just flattened. I am praying this week is more uneventful. I know for those that were affected all the heartache is probably just beginning. Praying for peace and comfort for all involved.

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Tracy said...

Looks like a fun day! I love the pic from the doctors office. How funny!!!!