Little Red Wagon

My sister and I went to the most eclectic estate sale over the weekend.  
The owners traveled the world. They had a real lion rug...with the head and claws still attached! We saw totem poles, Indian headdresses, and giant mouse statues in the back yard. The house reminded me so much of Graceland, because it looks like it's not been touched since the 70's.

I passed on the lion rug, but I did score a Radio Flyer wagon!
I have been wanting one for years! 
They are hard to find!

Of course I want mine for decorating!
I found these ideas on Pinterest.

Geraniums in a Radio Flyer Wagon.  I have my sisters lil red wagon, how cute this would be.I love Radio Flyer Wagons

This is probably what Marcus wants to do with it:
My hubby wants to build this for our future kids someday-An off-Road Radio Flyer Wagon

I can picture filling it with ice and canned drinks or using it for a cute 4th of July display. 

I am sure Katie will have fun with it too. I might need to give her a tetanus shot first.  
It's a little rusty! 


Dirt Princess said...

My mom has one on her front porch. It is really cute!

Frugal Jen said...

Katie is so cute!!

I have one of those little radio flyers and I've wondered what to do with it. The kids play with it but I like your ideas.