Polka Dot Picture Day

Today was picture day at school!
 It was a little bit chilly this morning!
And the neighbors were getting a new front door, so it was hard to compete with that!
 I desperately need to get Katie some new shoes. I had to doctor these up with a red magic marker! We are fancy around here!
 I got her dress for a steal from Zulily. I loved it because it looks like her room.

Tomorrow is Donut Friday and I am pulling out the big guns! We are going to Krispy Kreme! Katie has never been.  It will be fun and delicious. I will also pull out the big guns by changing out of my PJs and putting on some make up before we go! It's a big day for all of us!


Leslie said...

I love her dress! I got my daughter's Easter dress from Zulily.

Dirt Princess said...

I love all of her clothes...can I just buy them from you LOL!!!! She is always dressed sooo cute! Enjoy Krispy Kreme. I have been busting my bootay to lose 30lbs after having a baby so donuts sure sound good. Especially the bavarian cream ones....mmmmmmm

Giggles said...

She looks so cute! Enjoy your donuts!

The Henrys said...

Katie looks just beautiful! I know it will be a great school picture:)

I rarely comment on the blogs I read but wanted to tell you that I love your blog post titles! They usually put a smile on my face before I even read the actual post:)

Staci said...

Beautiful girl. And that dress is SO you!

sl said...