Purposeful Couch Potato

  I took the day off today! 
Well, part of the day. Katie had school. Normally on a school day, I run one million errands at lighting speed, or I try to get my house cleaned or somewhat organized, or spray paint a thing or two!

I decided to allow myself to do nothing today...guilt free. Usually when I don't use my free time wisely, I feel bad about it. Today the goal was to relax and let my brain rest a little bit.  We have just been so busy and I needed a couch day!

I caught up on some shows. 
Do you watch The Voice?  It is so fun. I love the judges, and the contestants are very talented.  It's a happy show! No fighting and no making fun of the singers.  That's refreshing!

I like to keep up with Dancing With The Stars, but I will admit, that I fast forward through some of it. 
I have been surprised by Andy Dick. I want him to do well! I love that he is sober and trying his hardest. I can't imagine overcoming addiction. He is also welcome to come over and stay in my guest room.  I will tell him nice things and make him cookies.
Andy & Sharna 
I like watching Sean too! It's like a tiny sequel to The Bachelor.
Sean & Peta
And Kellie Pickler is so much fun to watch. I lover her personality! 
Kellie & Derek

And did you watch The Bible miniseries on the History channel?  
It was really good! 
 I loved seeing it brought to life. I still need to watch the last episode, so don't ruin it for me! I hope everyone saw how Jesus befriended tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers, and other "undesirables". And the "religious" people ticked him off! Jesus just wants a relationship, NOT religion.

So lots of TV watching happened while Katie was at school. After I picked her up, we went to Courtney's house and we colored eggs, then went to Rosa's for Taco Tuesday. Marcus has a big test tomorrow and part of a paper due, so I was trying to give him a quiet house.

Last night we went to my sister's house. And my niece and nephew gave us a little concert. 

 And then Ryan tried to help Katie do some break dance moves!

I am ready for paramedic school to be over, but I am so thankful for friends and family that will entertain Katie and me while Marcus studies! And nobody is more ready for school to be over than Marcus.  People who choose to be fire fighters rarely like sitting at a desk all day, taking tests, and writing papers. 

 Dishes and laundry piled up a little on my day off, but that's OK. Something tells me they will still be there tomorrow!


Nicole said...

But watching Usher is TOTAL justification for taking a day off. I love him!!! He's one of my Top 5 Faves, if you know what I mean.

Glad you had a relaxing day!!!

Leslie said...

My son got in the car after school and said (about the next to last episode of The Bible), "We have to watch The Bible tonight! Everyone said it's so good - and it's a cliffhanger! They don't tell you what happens to Jesus!" I was his Sunday School teacher, too.

Lauren said...

I love THE Voice this season! So fun!