I have Jewelry for sale!
I am starting with these necklaces that I have been trying to get my hands on forever! 
They always sell out too fast. 

I have 2 of each of these super awesome colors!

I have the turquoise necklace and wear it
Here I am wearing it with Big Mama and my friend Laura. 
If you get one you might get to meet Big Mama too! :)

A & B Turquoise Beaded Necklace and Earrings  $25 
(I think I can order more, so let me know if you are interested)
C & D Coral Beaded Necklace and Earrings $25
(I just ordered some more and might have them next week!)

 E & F Red Beaded Necklace and Earrings $25
1 left!

 Pearl cross bracelets $10

H. Red
I. Turquoise sold
I love these and bought some for myself. These colors go with a lot and they are great for layering with other bracelets too.

J. LOVE bracelet $14
It's a turquoise band with coral metal letters.
It would go great with either the turquoise or coral beaded necklaces.

Here it is opened up:
K. Green and Turquoise beaded necklace AND Earrings $18 sold

L. & M Green necklace with real stone $40
 This is the same one I sold before. They didn't have any earrings this time, but said they would call when they came in. This stuff goes quick. I bought one for myself last month and then sold it! I wish I had it about a dozen times. It will go with anything.

N. The Other Green and Turquoise Necklace AND Earrings. $18
 I guess I was in a green and turquoise mood when I shopped!
This is the necklace on, so you can see the length.

O. Silver Earrings sold
P. Gold Earrings sold
$ 8

If you would like to purchase something, leave a comment with the item letter and description. Also, please leave your email address. I will send a pay pal invoice to you. I am charging $4 for shipping, because this time I am adding insurance. I have had too many lost packages in the past!

I will ship everything on Friday! 

Happy Shopping!


What Day Is It?

Happy belated Memorial Day. 
I am so thankful to live in this country! It is so humbling that people are willing to die for our freedom. I am beyond grateful!

We are enjoying the summer! Katie and I have been sleeping until almost 9:00 every morning. And we go to bed way too late. That's my kind of schedule though. And I have had no idea what day it is for the past week. I guess it doesn't really matter?

This is the only picture I took all weekend!Kind of sad, huh?
We were at my parent's on Sunday night and I got addicted to this game. You try to jump pegs and just end up with one. It was a challenge. I finally did it after about 100 tries! 

Last night Marcus took Katie swimming at his parent's house and he took this picture for me!
That's a happy face. 
I was so glad that Katie was not scared of the water after the pool incident in January. We have her signed up for swimming lessons in a couple of weeks! 
I got a few spray painting projects done while they were gone. I will have a show and tell soon.

Did any of you watch The Bachelorette? 
Good Golly Miss Molly, that show sure makes me thankful to be married. I was already thankful, but now I am super duper thankful. It was awkward! I had to fast forward through a lot of the limo introductions. Ugh! I am not sure if I am totally commited to this season or not. We'll see...

And I got some jewelry last week. I plan on putting some things for sale tomorrow!


Riveting Stuff

After nap time today, Katie and I met my mom to run some errands. Of course Katie chose today to sleep until 4:45! We waited patiently for sleeping beauty to wake up. 

My mom is going to crochet a poncho for Katie, so we went to JoAnne's to look at yarn. I know, exciting stuff! 

(let me just say, that this poncho is obviously going to be for colder weather, which is about 6 months away. My mom is a planner and kind of on top of things. I did not inherit one ounce of that gene.)

Katie and Nonni dressed as a pig and an elephant:
You can't even recognize them, can you?

Before JoAnne's we met at Golightly's, because I had to bring some jewelry up there. 

Look at Jennifer's cute space. I like all the fun colors!
Katie loves Golightly's. 

This is her checking out a mannequin. 
She's a little skeered.
 That same girl makes me jump every time I walk in that room!

We ditched Nonni and went to the park. Katie wanted to bring her duck to visit the other ducks. She desperately wanted to put him in the water!

Marcus had to work at a hospital this afternoon and evening, as a part of his paramedic school. I like to stay busy while he is gone. Katie and I get cabin fever if we are stuck at home too long.  It's nice to have family close to do stuff with. 

Every morning when she wakes up, she says, "Who are we gonna to see today? Where are we gonna go? Whose coming over?" 

It's a lot of pressure to entertain this 2 year old!

I am sure tomorrow will be just as exciting, so hold on to your hats!
Also, I think I am going to be going to The Dallas World Trade Center to buy jewelry for Golightly's this week. Do you want me to get extra to sell on the blog again? And if so, is there anything specific you want? Watches, necklaces, rings, and what colors?


The Last Day

 Today was Katie's last day of school!
I also thought it might be the last day in general, because we were under a tornado watch. 
 The weather never got super bad, but the meteorologists were saying the conditions were perfect for huge tornadoes. Everyone was a little bit cautious because of what we saw happen to poor Oklahoma yesterday!

Here's Katie on her last day of school:

And on her first day of school:
 She was just a baby when she started in September!
Now she's a big girl! 

Katie had some anxiety the first few months of school. 
In January, I memorized the verse

For God has not given us a spirit of fear or timidity, but one of power, love and self discipline. 

2 Timothy 1:7

I started praying that for her everyday before school. 
It was life changing! 
The teachers gave us a scrapbook of the whole year. It was so fun to look at all that Katie did. And it was a amazing to see the difference in her countenance between the fall and the winter. She was a different person.

I am thankful for such sweet teachers and a great school.

And I am really thankful that our area was protected from storms today.
 I was packed up and ready to go in my brother-in-law's storm shelter. I had snacks, pull-ups (enough for everyone to use!) a flash light, a dream light, some toys and books, a big blanket, and probably a few other things. Oh and I was sure to put on some make up, just in case I was on the news!
 I am glad none of it was needed...especially the pull ups!


Thanks, Cupcakes, and Prayers

I so appreciate all your input on my sugar struggles and Katie's #2 on the potty struggles! It's sweet of you to take the time to give advice and personal experiences. 
I wonder if I am the first person in the world to include eating sugar and going #2 in the same sentence? 
(Now I've done it twice!)

Speaking of sugar:
Marcus found these giant cupcakes at Sam's. We had company on Friday night and it was a perfect dessert. You can choose carrot cake, coconut cake, red velvet cake or chocolate. 
Yes please to all 4!
 I only took a few bites! There was even half a chocolate cupcake left and I threw it out...after sticking my finger in the icing for a taste. :)

I have been eating healthier for a week now. So I weighed this morning and I gained a pound?! What the what?! I told Marcus today that eating healthier is going to drive me to drinking! 

Enough of a pity party for me.  All I can think about are the people in Oklahoma! Especially the ones who had kids at the elementary school. I am sure moms are frantic praying their babies will be found alive! 


Also, a Dallas fireman died this morning. A condo collapsed on him while he was looking for survivors. That hits close to home for us. Marcus is a fireman in Carrollton, which is North Dallas. And the DFD just lost another guy last month. He was volunteering at the fire in West when the building exploded.


Praying for comfort and peace for all those affected!



 Yesterday was Donut Friday. 
This is what my donuts looked like!
And I put strawberries on top too, because I am super healthy like that.

This is what I really wanted!


I am trying to not eat sugar! Or at least eat only a tiny bit of sugar. It's very similar to saying, "I am trying not to breathe air!" I love sugar. It makes me happy and brings me joy. And I totally understand it shouldn't. That's why I am trying to deny myself.

Lots of fun things we do revolve around sugar!
Like Snow Cones!
We got our first ones of the season a couple of weeks ago!
 I always get peachy melon with gummy bears and Marcus gets strawberry shortcake. 
Yum and Yum!
 Katie got cherry.

We tried to get a snow cone a few weeks ago, but they had already closed for the night. 
This was Katie's reaction. 
 Pretty sad! 
I consoled her after I took a picture. Priorities!
This is exactly how I feel when I tell myself I can't have a Coke. I want to cry real tears.

So I am hoping by telling you that I am trying to eat better, it might hold me accountable?

For those of you that have broken your addiction to sugar; did you completely cut it out or just greatly reduce it? I am just not sure I could, or want to, go cold turkey.
You might have to put me in a padded room. I think I would go Coo Coo Bananas!


Some Questions and Less Pictures Than I Wanted

 We are kind of having crazy weather here tonight. Our area is under tornado warnings and watches. Exciting!

I have some questions for you;

For those of you that use Blogger, are your pictures taking for freaking ever to load? Mine are taking about 200 years! I had more I wanted to upload tonight, but it took an hour to do 2 pictures. That's not how I want to spend my evening! 

Also, I don't think I ever addressed the anonymous comment block that I did.  The reason I had to do it was because I was getting over 100 anonymous spam comments a day.  They were all being published and going to my email. That is too much deleting to deal with. So I hated to do it, but it was necessary.

Another question. Have any of you read Made To Crave? I got it yesterday and so far, I love it, and the words are perfect! I just wondered how it affected those who have read it. I will discuss it more after I finish the book and absorb it into my brain!

I hate to ask this 3rd question, because I NEVER wanted to be the mom that talks about p00p, but I am going to be THAT mom. How did you get your kid to go #2 on the potty? I live with someone who is a little scared of it? 

I have bribed, and prayed, and waited until the last second to put her on the pot....nothing. Today we even called Quincy from The Little Einsteins to talk about it. (Marcus plays a convincing Quincy on the phone!)
 And if your advice is to just wait until she is ready, then I am good with that.

OK the question portion is over. 

Katie loves to play hide and seek! And we do too!
Today she thought she had the BEST hiding place!
 You can't even see her can you? Her super loud giggles gave her away!

And yesterday I found bows for $1! 
So I got 6 pairs for pig tails! 
$12 well spent, in my opinion!
Marcus and I got to go on a date tonight while my parents watched Katie! We went to Abuelos and it was delish and fun! I would share a picture, but it will be Christmas before it loads. ugh!

Speaking of Christmas... Katie got 2 Christmas movies from the Library this week and asks all the time if it's almost Christmas yet. And she talks about decorating her own tree. 
 I think I'm raising her right.

I'm pretty sure Christmas stuff will start showing up at Hobby Lobby soon!
 I know all the Grinchy Scrooges get their panties in wad about that, sorry. I can't wait!



 Happy Belated Mother's Day! 
I took an unintended blog break!

We have been having fun over here and we celebrated Mother's Day all day long on Sunday!
 I am so thankful that I get to be Katie's mom. 
She was worth the wait!
 I know Mother's Day can be painful for some of you wanting a baby. I get it. Just know that God's plan is best and His timing is perfect.

I am thankful to my mother in law, who raised a great son for me to marry. 
Katie loves her Annie!

 Marcus and his siblings:
 He was a "surprise" 10 years after his sister! 

And all the grand kids!

 After church and then lunch with Marcus's family, Katie was worn out!

I had to wake her up for round 2 of Mother's Day with my family!

 It's become a tradition to eat at a little Italian restaurant, in my neighborhood, on Mother's Day.

 After dinner we went to the park close by to play!
 We thought it would be cute to get a picture of the grand kids with my mom on the slide. It was cute and HILARIOUS!

 Katie wanted to make sure that Nonni was OK. She heard lots of hootin' and hollerin' back there!

Me, my mom and my sister. 

Marcus and my sister's husband Darren:
A fire fighter and a police Captain!
 My sister and I did this same see saw. The pictures were less than flattering! 

Katie was in Heaven spending the day with her family!
Grateful, thankful, and blessed is how I feel to have our moms and to be a mom!