Happy Belated Mother's Day! 
I took an unintended blog break!

We have been having fun over here and we celebrated Mother's Day all day long on Sunday!
 I am so thankful that I get to be Katie's mom. 
She was worth the wait!
 I know Mother's Day can be painful for some of you wanting a baby. I get it. Just know that God's plan is best and His timing is perfect.

I am thankful to my mother in law, who raised a great son for me to marry. 
Katie loves her Annie!

 Marcus and his siblings:
 He was a "surprise" 10 years after his sister! 

And all the grand kids!

 After church and then lunch with Marcus's family, Katie was worn out!

I had to wake her up for round 2 of Mother's Day with my family!

 It's become a tradition to eat at a little Italian restaurant, in my neighborhood, on Mother's Day.

 After dinner we went to the park close by to play!
 We thought it would be cute to get a picture of the grand kids with my mom on the slide. It was cute and HILARIOUS!

 Katie wanted to make sure that Nonni was OK. She heard lots of hootin' and hollerin' back there!

Me, my mom and my sister. 

Marcus and my sister's husband Darren:
A fire fighter and a police Captain!
 My sister and I did this same see saw. The pictures were less than flattering! 

Katie was in Heaven spending the day with her family!
Grateful, thankful, and blessed is how I feel to have our moms and to be a mom!


Giggles said...

I love you dress, sweater and necklace. Wonderful outfit and you look so very pretty in it. And your princess was cute as always!

Giggles said...

Oh goodness, that should say your not you!! So much for proofreading before sending into cyberspace!

Kate Craig said...

the pictures on the slide are so funny! your mom is a good sport!


wow lovely pictures..:)
Its seems to be lots of fun

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Angela said...

I have that exact same black and white dress - it looks AWESOME with the colored accessories! I will do that next time. Happy Mother's Day!

Miss G said...

Your green sweater is fantastic!!! Love that shade.

Such a fun mother's day. I love little neighborhood Italian restaurants. We had one we went to all the time when we were engaged that closed and we were really sad.


Kelly said...

Thank you for not posting our see saw pictures!

Sassy said...

Oh I LOVE the slide pic!!! I make photo pendants and we just did the cutest pendant for Mother's Day for a Grandma of her grandkids lined up on the slide like that!!! Cute idea! It turned out great! My 2 kids are only grandkids on both sides so they wouldn't line up the slide very far-ha!