I have Jewelry for sale!
I am starting with these necklaces that I have been trying to get my hands on forever! 
They always sell out too fast. 

I have 2 of each of these super awesome colors!

I have the turquoise necklace and wear it
Here I am wearing it with Big Mama and my friend Laura. 
If you get one you might get to meet Big Mama too! :)

A & B Turquoise Beaded Necklace and Earrings  $25 
(I think I can order more, so let me know if you are interested)
C & D Coral Beaded Necklace and Earrings $25
(I just ordered some more and might have them next week!)

 E & F Red Beaded Necklace and Earrings $25
1 left!

 Pearl cross bracelets $10

H. Red
I. Turquoise sold
I love these and bought some for myself. These colors go with a lot and they are great for layering with other bracelets too.

J. LOVE bracelet $14
It's a turquoise band with coral metal letters.
It would go great with either the turquoise or coral beaded necklaces.

Here it is opened up:
K. Green and Turquoise beaded necklace AND Earrings $18 sold

L. & M Green necklace with real stone $40
 This is the same one I sold before. They didn't have any earrings this time, but said they would call when they came in. This stuff goes quick. I bought one for myself last month and then sold it! I wish I had it about a dozen times. It will go with anything.

N. The Other Green and Turquoise Necklace AND Earrings. $18
 I guess I was in a green and turquoise mood when I shopped!
This is the necklace on, so you can see the length.

O. Silver Earrings sold
P. Gold Earrings sold
$ 8

If you would like to purchase something, leave a comment with the item letter and description. Also, please leave your email address. I will send a pay pal invoice to you. I am charging $4 for shipping, because this time I am adding insurance. I have had too many lost packages in the past!

I will ship everything on Friday! 

Happy Shopping!


Staci said...

I need k &p (gold) for sure!

Staci said...

And I'm considering one of the multi strand necklaces. I know I have coral but can't remember if I ever got turquoise. Will check as soon as I get home.

Lisa said...

Can I buy A&B and O? I've never commented here before, but I always read your blog. lisahart1972@hotmail.com
Thank you! Lisa

AKK said...

I would like N and C.


Staci said...

Backup to A or B

AKK said...

Forgot my email... keesees1982@gmail.com

Ashley Newsom said...

Would love a turqoise multi strand necklace (don't need earrings if you're willing to separate).

Dina said...

Hey Ashley,
Leave me your email address and I will let you know when I get more in. It should be next week. And I am just selling them as a set since they come together. Thanks!

Ashley Newsom said...

Sorry about that, apparently, I don't know how to follow directions! LOL
No problem on buying the set either.

Anonymous said...

Cd and j. Nannarbee@bellsouth.net. I would be interested in the turquoise as well

Tracy said...

I would like A & B and C & D if you can get more. My e-mail is tmarlow92@gmail.com.

Unknown said...

Hello! I would love to order A & B and E & F if you are able to order more. My email is allisonsturtevant@comcast.net. I am not a blogger myself, but love reading your blog! Always makes me laugh! I have a 2 1/2 year old and always laugh when you talk about your daughter!



Kelley said...

If you are able to order more, I would love to have one of each, O & P (I think that's right/the gold and silver earrings).


Jennifer Z. said...

I'm so tempted to get the green necklace with real stone to match the fabulous earrings I bought from you last time. But I really love the sold out turquoise beaded necklace and earrings too.

And I'm so glad you're insuring the packages now! I still hate that mine was one of the ones lost.

Dina said...

I am sorry yours was lost too Jennifer! Let me know if you want either necklace. I can tell you when I get the turquoise back again!

Jennifer said...

I would like an A&B turqoise necklace and earrings if you order any more. My email is jjnwatson@gmail.com Thx.


I would LOVE to get the A&B turqoise necklace and earrings if you order any more. My email is thecarolinacountrygirl(at)yahoo(dot)com!

Brittany..Following my Bliss said...

I want "I" and you can email me at Brittanys5Ss at aol dot com

Holli said...

I would like to buy the A&B turquoise necklace and earrings if you get another one please. I have never used paypal will you please explain how that works. My name is Holli Myrick and my email is ann_holli@hotmail.com.

the undomesticated wife said...

Yes, get some more turquoise beaded necklaces! Please :) I need one.

Unknown said...

Hi I would like to purchase the red necklace and earrings, items E&F. My email is t_borucki@yahoo.com

Thank you,
Tiffany Borucki

Audra said...

Oh shoooooie, I am too late.

nwhitson said...

I would like item O--silver earrings. My email address is: ncuellar@gulftel.com

KC said...

I would like to purchase item E- the red earring and necklace set. If you get more turquoise, I'll take a set of those as well. Thanks!
P.S. I LOVE your blog!