Riveting Stuff

After nap time today, Katie and I met my mom to run some errands. Of course Katie chose today to sleep until 4:45! We waited patiently for sleeping beauty to wake up. 

My mom is going to crochet a poncho for Katie, so we went to JoAnne's to look at yarn. I know, exciting stuff! 

(let me just say, that this poncho is obviously going to be for colder weather, which is about 6 months away. My mom is a planner and kind of on top of things. I did not inherit one ounce of that gene.)

Katie and Nonni dressed as a pig and an elephant:
You can't even recognize them, can you?

Before JoAnne's we met at Golightly's, because I had to bring some jewelry up there. 

Look at Jennifer's cute space. I like all the fun colors!
Katie loves Golightly's. 

This is her checking out a mannequin. 
She's a little skeered.
 That same girl makes me jump every time I walk in that room!

We ditched Nonni and went to the park. Katie wanted to bring her duck to visit the other ducks. She desperately wanted to put him in the water!

Marcus had to work at a hospital this afternoon and evening, as a part of his paramedic school. I like to stay busy while he is gone. Katie and I get cabin fever if we are stuck at home too long.  It's nice to have family close to do stuff with. 

Every morning when she wakes up, she says, "Who are we gonna to see today? Where are we gonna go? Whose coming over?" 

It's a lot of pressure to entertain this 2 year old!

I am sure tomorrow will be just as exciting, so hold on to your hats!
Also, I think I am going to be going to The Dallas World Trade Center to buy jewelry for Golightly's this week. Do you want me to get extra to sell on the blog again? And if so, is there anything specific you want? Watches, necklaces, rings, and what colors?


Giggles said...

Bring back a little bit of everything in every color!!!!

Whitney said...

Hi, Dina! I have some questions about buying at the Dallas Market Center. Can I email you?

kaydubya said...

I love all the jewelry you post from there! I think you have better taste than me, so you just pick! ha!

Unknown said...

I was so bummed to just miss those cute green earrings last time!

I just love to see what you pick! Please share!

Dina said...

Yes Whitney!
You can email me! marcusanddina@sbcglobal.net

And Lynn, I will try to find some more green earrings. I really want some too! I sold mine!

Staci said...

Yes! I'm a necklace, earring and bracelet fan!