Short and Sweet and a Little Sassy

 Today was black and white day at Katie's school. 
Every month they focus on a color. (or 2 in this case)
 It was pretty hot today, so we did another run through the sprinklers tonight!

 And I love to compare pics of Katie a year ago...you know, just to stab myself in the heart.
 Her face is covered in chocolate, so not much has changed!

This is short and sweet,(like Katie) because I promised Marcus I would go to bed at a normal hour tonight! So that means PM and not AM.

Night Night!


Mallorie said...

Gosh she has grown so much! She is just beautiful. Love her little black and white outfit! :-)

kimert said...

LOVE the last two pics! She's such a doll.


Omg...loved the last picture a lot..muahhh

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