Some Questions and Less Pictures Than I Wanted

 We are kind of having crazy weather here tonight. Our area is under tornado warnings and watches. Exciting!

I have some questions for you;

For those of you that use Blogger, are your pictures taking for freaking ever to load? Mine are taking about 200 years! I had more I wanted to upload tonight, but it took an hour to do 2 pictures. That's not how I want to spend my evening! 

Also, I don't think I ever addressed the anonymous comment block that I did.  The reason I had to do it was because I was getting over 100 anonymous spam comments a day.  They were all being published and going to my email. That is too much deleting to deal with. So I hated to do it, but it was necessary.

Another question. Have any of you read Made To Crave? I got it yesterday and so far, I love it, and the words are perfect! I just wondered how it affected those who have read it. I will discuss it more after I finish the book and absorb it into my brain!

I hate to ask this 3rd question, because I NEVER wanted to be the mom that talks about p00p, but I am going to be THAT mom. How did you get your kid to go #2 on the potty? I live with someone who is a little scared of it? 

I have bribed, and prayed, and waited until the last second to put her on the pot....nothing. Today we even called Quincy from The Little Einsteins to talk about it. (Marcus plays a convincing Quincy on the phone!)
 And if your advice is to just wait until she is ready, then I am good with that.

OK the question portion is over. 

Katie loves to play hide and seek! And we do too!
Today she thought she had the BEST hiding place!
 You can't even see her can you? Her super loud giggles gave her away!

And yesterday I found bows for $1! 
So I got 6 pairs for pig tails! 
$12 well spent, in my opinion!
Marcus and I got to go on a date tonight while my parents watched Katie! We went to Abuelos and it was delish and fun! I would share a picture, but it will be Christmas before it loads. ugh!

Speaking of Christmas... Katie got 2 Christmas movies from the Library this week and asks all the time if it's almost Christmas yet. And she talks about decorating her own tree. 
 I think I'm raising her right.

I'm pretty sure Christmas stuff will start showing up at Hobby Lobby soon!
 I know all the Grinchy Scrooges get their panties in wad about that, sorry. I can't wait!



so cute..:)

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Brittany said...

Reid wasn't ever scared of #2 on the potty but when he said poop I had about 6.3 milliseconds to get him on there. His problem was timing.
I think as long as you are consistent to put her on there she will get more comfortable with it. Maybe a cool toy or prize that she can only play with while pooping?? ;)

Jennifer said...

I had the same problem with my first child with poop. It took her a year before she really got it and then I think it was because she saw some of the bigger neighbor girls go into the bathroom to do it and it clicked. So maybe her girl cousins could help since Katie really seems to look up to them. With my little boy, he looked in the potty and saw himself pooping (sorry, TMI), but it helped him understand where it was coming from and then he wasn't scared anymore.
Don't you love the things moms get to talk about!

And on another note, you need to read Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst if you haven't already. I LOVED it!

Staci said...

She's a smart girl! I love seeing fall and Christmas stuff out at hobby lobby. Helps me survive the 105 degree days of summer!

Leslie said...

We had the same problem with our son. He wanted a dog desparately, so we told him he couldn't have a dog until he learned to go poo-poo in the potty (because you have to teach a doggie where to poo-poo, and we needed to make sure he knew all that good stuff). It worked, but I wouldn't recommend that method because a dog is kind of permanent. We love him, but that's a commitment I wouldn't make again! I think with my son it was maturity and he wasn't quite ready. I've heard about other kids having the same problem and it just takes time. Maybe have consistent times of day where she sits on the potty, for a good bit of time? Read books, even move her little potty in front of the tv and watch Little Einsteins? I'm not a poop expert, but that's all I've got unless you want another dog! Hang in there - they eventually get it. OH - and my second child potty trained herself! I think God gave me a break after the first one (and he knew I couldn't hand a second dog).

TressaMOMof3 said...

I found that loading pics on my blog took forever! We have internet explorer. I downloaded crome and now I use that to upload pics to my blog and it takes NO TIME AT ALL :) I hope that helps a little :)

Mallorie said...

YES- To the picture problem. Has been driving me batty.

Did some research and I've been using Firefox as my browser, apparently sometimes switching browsers helps. I went to Internet Explorer to publish posts and haven't had any problems again!.

Angela said...

Yes, also, to the picture problems. It's making me nuts. I will try another browser - so glad you posted so I could read other's comments!

I got a little box of toys, books, stickers, etc, that were only for sitting on the potty. I have twin girls, and one was ready before the other one. Katie is brilliant - she will get it! :-)

kaydubya said...

I was having the long uploading problem too, I realized my camera was set to take pics at like 4000x5000 resolution... I changed the resolution on my camera to 1000x1500 (or close to there) and they upload in a jiff now. I can't tell a difference in the quality either.

Simple, Graceful Living said...

Love your sweet blog... I have read for a long time but never commented. :) Our sweet girls are just a few days apart so I love to read about what other little sparkly, full of personality girls are up to! Ha!

Ohhhh, we have just gotten over this problem. We have done #1 great right from the beginning, but instantly had problems with the other. When we first started she held it for THREE DAYS. Ugh. She REFUSED to go on the potty. Lots of weeping and gnashing of teeth (from both of us). A friend suggested that I try putting a pullup or a diaper on her when she knew she had to go. So I asked her if she wanted to do that and she said yes. We wore panties all day, but when she was ready to go, she said, "I need a pull up!" and 30 seconds later it was done. We did this for about 3 months and one day she just decided to sit on the potty and go. I almost didn't believe it myself. :) I don't know what clicked, but maybe the pull up gave her a feeling of comfort or control? In any event, hang in there! "They" (you know, the experts) say that it can take longer to learn the skill of #2 on the potty. She will get there! And in the meantime, she is the most precious thing! Just as cute as a button. :)

The Veals said...

I was having the same problem with my pics as well. I figured out that if you edit them first even if you make a slight edit to them, then they will upload just fine.

Amy said...

Yes to the picture problem!!! UGH! Glad to read all the comments, I will try another browser!

I have potty trained 3 children, and my youngest 2 took awhile to get the poop thing down. I finally just had them tell me when they had to go, and I would put a diaper/pull-up on them, they would go, and eventually they decided to go in the potty. For my youngest, we were once out at a friend's house and I didn't have a pull-up along, so she HAD to go #2 in the potty (she didn't want a mess in her pants. some kids don't care about that but she did). That cured her for some reason! Oh the fun things moms get to talk about....