Yesterday was Donut Friday. 
This is what my donuts looked like!
And I put strawberries on top too, because I am super healthy like that.

This is what I really wanted!


I am trying to not eat sugar! Or at least eat only a tiny bit of sugar. It's very similar to saying, "I am trying not to breathe air!" I love sugar. It makes me happy and brings me joy. And I totally understand it shouldn't. That's why I am trying to deny myself.

Lots of fun things we do revolve around sugar!
Like Snow Cones!
We got our first ones of the season a couple of weeks ago!
 I always get peachy melon with gummy bears and Marcus gets strawberry shortcake. 
Yum and Yum!
 Katie got cherry.

We tried to get a snow cone a few weeks ago, but they had already closed for the night. 
This was Katie's reaction. 
 Pretty sad! 
I consoled her after I took a picture. Priorities!
This is exactly how I feel when I tell myself I can't have a Coke. I want to cry real tears.

So I am hoping by telling you that I am trying to eat better, it might hold me accountable?

For those of you that have broken your addiction to sugar; did you completely cut it out or just greatly reduce it? I am just not sure I could, or want to, go cold turkey.
You might have to put me in a padded room. I think I would go Coo Coo Bananas!


Miss G said...

Good for you!!!! It is H-A-R-D hard! I am right there with you with how much I want it. I will say a prayer for you right now. Kelly

Christine said...

So hard! Only thing that works for me (to cut cravings) is no sugar - just cut it all out. It takes me about 3 days, but after that I don't really need it...but the cravings come right back if/when i have sugar again. no fun! Good luck!

Brittany said...

I've gone cold turkey. It gets easier bc I think I've gone 10, 12, 14 days etc why mess up now.

Tricia Nae said...

Last year, I was so good and pretty much gave up ALL processed sugar for 6 months. I lost a lot of weight and was feeling amazing. BUT, the only problem with that was when I allowed myself to have some sugar over the summer (a slurpee..no less)...I couldn't quit. I would say ease into a minimal amount of sugar. Cutting it ALL out long term is pretty much impossible!

Sarah said...

Our family did the 10 days of real food challenge on the 100 Days of Real Food blog and it changed our eating habits forever.

Jennifer said...

I just recently started cutting it out and I find I have so much more energy when I don't eat it. I have limited myself to it once a week and usually Saturdays are my day I get sugar since we always go and get a snowcone.

Jennifer Z. said...

I'm right there with you! I've been struggling for the past two weeks trying to cut out most of my sugar intake, which is huge. Most days I do well, some days I don't, but this time I'm trying to just get back to it instead of giving up. But it's so true -- once you get it out of your system and overcome the cravings, it's so much better to just stay away from it altogether. I find eating just a little just makes me want more, more, more.

Catherine said...

I think I told you but the juicing really helped reduce my cravings. I think because I added some fruits in with my vegetables I got some sweetness and the juices made me feel so much better with much more energy I haven't had the urge to go buy a cupcake or eat raw cookie dough- this is huge!!!

donna said...

No advice (for a change) just wanted you to know I am so proud of you Deenie.