Supporting The Arts

We were super cultured this weekend. 
Friday night we went to an outdoor concert with my parents. 
The boys look super thrilled!

 It was an Eagle's cover band. Katie LOVED the music and danced her heart out.

 Re hydrating:
 She loves her Grampy!

 On Saturday Katie and I went to one of the high schools to see Suessical. 
 Some of the girls from our youth group were in it.  It was so cute!
 Katie couldn't hold this seat down with her little body.
We ended up on the front row, which made me super nervous, but she did great. 
Like a good mom, I had some
Smarties in my purse, for those antsy moments. We left just a little bit before it was over, because she couldn't sit still any longer. Maybe it was the Smarties?
When we were leaving she said, " That sure was a lot of songs!"

I am guessing we will be seeing Little Miss Katie Belle on stage at her high school one day! She's quite the entertainer and she's been known to be dramatic a time or twenty....she get's that from her dad!


Cristi Atchley said...

Oh my word, the faces on the fellas cracked me the heck up!!! Wahaha! My hubby normally has the same look on his face!

I love the pictures of Miss Katie... I could just imagine her shakin' her bootay to the music!

Her hair is adorable in pigtails, btw! My mom used to fix mine like that, many moons ago! LOL

Tracy said...

I love the picture of the guys at the concert. So funny! The piggy tails are way too cute!!!