Thanks, Cupcakes, and Prayers

I so appreciate all your input on my sugar struggles and Katie's #2 on the potty struggles! It's sweet of you to take the time to give advice and personal experiences. 
I wonder if I am the first person in the world to include eating sugar and going #2 in the same sentence? 
(Now I've done it twice!)

Speaking of sugar:
Marcus found these giant cupcakes at Sam's. We had company on Friday night and it was a perfect dessert. You can choose carrot cake, coconut cake, red velvet cake or chocolate. 
Yes please to all 4!
 I only took a few bites! There was even half a chocolate cupcake left and I threw it out...after sticking my finger in the icing for a taste. :)

I have been eating healthier for a week now. So I weighed this morning and I gained a pound?! What the what?! I told Marcus today that eating healthier is going to drive me to drinking! 

Enough of a pity party for me.  All I can think about are the people in Oklahoma! Especially the ones who had kids at the elementary school. I am sure moms are frantic praying their babies will be found alive! 


Also, a Dallas fireman died this morning. A condo collapsed on him while he was looking for survivors. That hits close to home for us. Marcus is a fireman in Carrollton, which is North Dallas. And the DFD just lost another guy last month. He was volunteering at the fire in West when the building exploded.


Praying for comfort and peace for all those affected!

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