The Last Day

 Today was Katie's last day of school!
I also thought it might be the last day in general, because we were under a tornado watch. 
 The weather never got super bad, but the meteorologists were saying the conditions were perfect for huge tornadoes. Everyone was a little bit cautious because of what we saw happen to poor Oklahoma yesterday!

Here's Katie on her last day of school:

And on her first day of school:
 She was just a baby when she started in September!
Now she's a big girl! 

Katie had some anxiety the first few months of school. 
In January, I memorized the verse

For God has not given us a spirit of fear or timidity, but one of power, love and self discipline. 

2 Timothy 1:7

I started praying that for her everyday before school. 
It was life changing! 
The teachers gave us a scrapbook of the whole year. It was so fun to look at all that Katie did. And it was a amazing to see the difference in her countenance between the fall and the winter. She was a different person.

I am thankful for such sweet teachers and a great school.

And I am really thankful that our area was protected from storms today.
 I was packed up and ready to go in my brother-in-law's storm shelter. I had snacks, pull-ups (enough for everyone to use!) a flash light, a dream light, some toys and books, a big blanket, and probably a few other things. Oh and I was sure to put on some make up, just in case I was on the news!
 I am glad none of it was needed...especially the pull ups!

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