Like Mother, Like Daughter

 Unfortunately, it seems as though has Katie inherited her mama's skillz in the kitchen.
Look, it's 12:00 and the kid is still in her PJs with bed head!
We might need Mary Poppins to step in at some point!


I Drank Kale!

 I also drank cucumbers and carrots, and lots of fruit too!
 I borrowed my sister's juicer and I've mainly been sticking to fruits, but thought I would try some veggies too. The kale and carrots were good with fruit, but the cucumber is a bit too cucumbery for me. I will add less next time. 

The juicer is a little labor intensive to use and clean, so I made a batch for the week and froze it in mason jars.

Katie loves the juice too, thankfully.

I made the hugest, most sticky mess in my kitchen. I guess I should have taken a picture of that!

And if you are new to my blog and think I am a super healthy health nut....I tricked you! I am TRYING to do healthier things here and there, but don't be fooled. 
I have Coke and chocolate running through my veins!

I have an unrelated question for you; Where do you store all your pictures? My computer says it's all filled up and it won't let me save any more pictures! Do you put them all on disks? Or is there something super high tech I don't know about? Thanks!


A Celebration

Sadly, we attended a funeral today of a teenager that went to our church.


Marcus and I served as greeters and it was an honor. 
As far as funerals go, it was awesome!
 Can you say that about a funeral? 
His sisters and parents all spoke. It was pretty amazing. They said they could do that because they know Chance is in Heaven and they get to see him again one day. They have peace. They are sad and will miss him, but just for a short time, not eternity. 

I loved hearing the stories about Chance from his family and football coach and our Pastor. There was lots of laughter! He was a great guy. He did not get into Heaven for being a great guy though. He is in Heaven now because he accepted Christ. He knew Jesus was the only way. Nobody is "good enough" to get into Heaven. And 42 people accepted Christ after the funeral, because of the testimony of this young man. 
That's a life well lived!

If this Jesus and Heaven stuff is foreign to you, please feel free to ask me ANY questions. I won't be offended or get judgey about anything. 

We are not promised tomorrow.


Ding Dong, It's Raining!

I bought a new door bell, because ours was as old as the house (50 years) and had 7 layers of crusty paint on it.  Unfortunately, it didn't fit right! So I just added an 8th layer of paint to the old crusty door bell. 
Of course, I painted it turquoise. It still looks old and crusty, but at least it's a little bit cuter.

And it matches our house numbers.

 Katie started swimming lessons on Tuesday! It's a week long and no mamas allowed! That's a little tough for me...and her! BUT Katie swam to the bottom of the pool and picked up rings on the first day! The guy is super tough, but it was really important to us that she learned how to swim since her almost drowning accident this winter. 

When I picked her up yesterday I gave her this umbrella as a reward. She as been asking for her own umbrella for over a year now! I'm glad she loves the simple things in life!
 So tonight we had to "make it rain" so she could play with her umbrella properly. 
You know when a rapper says, "Make it rain", they are tossing $100 bills in the air.
 I wish that was the kind of rain I meant!
 We just used the hose.

 This is the view I had most of the time!
Marcus told her that he is going to take her to Chuck E. Cheese's on Saturday after she finishes her swimming lessons!  
What the Heck?! 
We have successfully avoided that place her whole life. I am very sad that we couldn't keep it a secret any longer. 
I refer to it as Up Chuck Cheese. 

I am pretty sure I like the umbrella idea better. Or let's take her to Abuelo's or On the Border. 
That sounds pretty fun to me!


The Best!

 Katie has THE BEST daddy ever!
I am super thankful for Marcus.
 We had a fun weekend together. 
Freddy's and fireworks on Friday!

 Saturday we went to a dress rehearsal for my niece and nephew's dance recital.
 Morgan was a beautiful ballerina!
 And Ryan did some awesome hip hop!
Marcus had to work, so we went with my parents. Afterward we all went to Pappa's Burgers for a Father's Day lunch.
 I have THE BEST dad too!

Sunday was church and then lunch with the Osbornes. 
Katie LOVES Charis and Drew! 
 We love the whole family.

We went to an unfancy,  but kid friendly, pizza place.

Sunday night we went to dinner at Marcus's parent's house.
(do you notice a big eating theme here?!)
 Marcus has THE BEST dad too!
This is his dad with his kids and grand kids. 
We are blessed to be near to all our family!

I was just telling Marcus how exhausted I was. I told him it felt like I just climbed a giant mountain in the hot sun. (I am not dramatic or anything). Anyway, now I realize why I am so tired. It was a busy weekend!

Our family is so blessed to have such wonderful men in our life!



Katie and I went to Ikea with my sister and niece.
Ikea is Katie's Disney World. 
She laid on everything soft and played with ALL of their toys!
This picture reminded me of when I was little. My mom temporarily lost me in a department store and she found me under the covers in one of those fake beds!
I kind of like these bunk beds. They can separate into 2 twin beds. I am starting to come to grips that Katie can't be in her crib forever! Although I really do like my kid caged in at night.

Plastic bags are NOT a toy, except sometimes they are.

My red couch is from Ikea. You can buy a white cover for only $49! I am tempted to get one and dye it! Maybe either turquoise or hot pink or something else fun. Have any of you done that?

If I ever have $50 burning a hole in my pocket, I might give it a whirl! Money doesn't last long in my pockets. It fairs about as well as m&m's. Gone before you even know what happened!


Summer Fun!

We are still really enjoying summer! It's just starting to get hot, so I might think differently by next week. 

We have played with Charis and Drew a lot. 
(my friend Courtney's twins)
 Courtney said we were getting a glimpse into the future!
 Triple trouble. 

And Marcus and I took Katie to a little water park on Monday. We were supposed to meet Courtney and the kids, but we went to 2 different water parks! Details!

Yesterday my mom had Katie for awhile and I got my house all clean! I hope it lasts for more than a day. I also folded a MOUNTAIN of laundry that took an HOUR. That is just plain sad.

Today we have more fun things planned. Laundry is not one of the things, thankfully!


Chocolate Cobbler

 I am not a big fan of cobbler, because I don't like hot fruit.  
And I really think trying to pass off fruit as a dessert is shameful. Dessert should be chocolate in my opinion. 

So chocolate cobbler is alright with me.

 This is a pitiful picture and it doesn't look very scrumptious, but it is! It tastes kind of like a gooey chocolate chip cookie.
 I thought you might need to make some. Here's the recipe.

Chocolate Cobbler

Melt 2 sticks of butter in a 9x13 dish

Mix together in a bowl;
1 ½ cups of sugar
1 ½ cups of self rising flour
1 tsp. of vanilla
¾ cup of milk plus a smidgen
(this is what the recipe calls for, but I always have to use more milk.)
Pour this over the melted butter, DO NOT STIR, just drizzle over the butter.
In another bowl mix;
1 cup of sugar
5 TBSP of cocoa
Sprinkle this over the above mixture, DO NOT MIX, just sprinkle.
Now add 2 cups of boiling water over the top. DO NOT MIX, just pour.

Bake at 350 for 35 to 45 minutes.
And serve with ice cream!


A Great Nation

 Did you know that yesterday was 
National Donut Day?

I LOVE that holiday!  
Katie and I partook in this special day! I have abstained from Donut Fridays for several weeks now, but this day could not be ignored!
 What I really love, is that several people sent me messages telling me it was National Donut Day, and they thought of me! I love that I have a reputation! Is there a National Spinach Day? Maybe one day I will be known for that!

I did pretty good on my low sugar eating plan, but I have fallen off the wagon. Not sure I want to get back on the wagon either!? We have beach plans with my family later in the summer, so I should probably step away from the Coke! 

Last night we went to Friday Night Fireworks with my 10th grade girls from church...and a couple of boys too!
 Katie loves being with those sweet girls. They are really good to her!

Marcus's Sunday School teaching partner is a master fryer!
 He made fried Oreos, honey buns, and twinkies.
 Oh my word! 

Marcus grilled burgers and dogs too.
 I thought Austin was looking pretty cool with all these girls. And he's about 2 feet taller than everyone!

And here I am shorter than everyone!
 I really love these people. They have been in my Sunday school class for 2 years now. I am a little attached!

 This is the only documentation I have of Marcus, but he was there too!
 Time for fireworks!
 Katie was not happy at first and kept telling me it was time to go home. 
And she told her daddy to whistle and make them stop! 

She warmed up after a few minutes, thankfully!
Hopefully she will stay warmed up to them, because we will be back on Friday!


Can You Find Me?

Happy Friday! 

I am blogging over at Dalomba Days today! 

Brittany is a super cute girl with 2 super cute kids! She always finds THE BEST stuff at garage sales or Goodwill! She's frugal with great style!

Brittany wanted me to talk about decorating on a budget. That's my specialty. 

There are 2 reasons I decorate on a budget...
read more here.


You Might Be a Redneck If...

this is your daughter's swimming pool! 
 I just intended for Katie to play with the water and use it for scooping and pouring. 
 She had other plans!

 We had some acorns dropping in the bucket. We thought there was a squirrel above us in the trees, but it just turned out to be a mischievous daddy! 

I am missing our old (real) pool these days. I had to read my post on perspective again! 
This wash tub brought Katie as much joy as a giant in ground pool. I love that. 

We have really been enjoying summer! 
Today we went to the splash park. We've been swimming at my parents, and we have plans with my sister tomorrow. The problem is that I am ignoring my duties! Real life is getting in the way! My house is a disaster and I never make plans for dinner. Tonight I made Marcus chicken nuggets and Katie and I ate scrambled eggs! Just call me Paula Deen! I guess I need to find a balance. I think my balance will lean more to the side of fun times and a messy house though! 

Last night we got snow cones. Yay for summer!

Pumpkins and Christmas trees are my favorite times of year, but I am learning to embrace the fun things of summer too!