A Celebration

Sadly, we attended a funeral today of a teenager that went to our church.


Marcus and I served as greeters and it was an honor. 
As far as funerals go, it was awesome!
 Can you say that about a funeral? 
His sisters and parents all spoke. It was pretty amazing. They said they could do that because they know Chance is in Heaven and they get to see him again one day. They have peace. They are sad and will miss him, but just for a short time, not eternity. 

I loved hearing the stories about Chance from his family and football coach and our Pastor. There was lots of laughter! He was a great guy. He did not get into Heaven for being a great guy though. He is in Heaven now because he accepted Christ. He knew Jesus was the only way. Nobody is "good enough" to get into Heaven. And 42 people accepted Christ after the funeral, because of the testimony of this young man. 
That's a life well lived!

If this Jesus and Heaven stuff is foreign to you, please feel free to ask me ANY questions. I won't be offended or get judgey about anything. 

We are not promised tomorrow.


Amanda said...

Your post just gave me chills. When the page opened up and I saw that you had wrote about him, I couldn't believe it. I have been a faithful reader of your blog for years.Chance was a relative of mine. He grew up in Texas and I didn't know him personally. Tina, his mom, is originally from Mississippi where I live. Sometimes it is a small world! Thanks for a beautiful post.

Julie said...

Chills!! What an amazing guy he must have been. Wow, 42 people saved! That is awesome and God is glorified even through heartache.

Jamie said...

Wow! We just had this exact same situation at our church. A family from our church lost their teenage son in a car accident. He was also a football player and also had a passion for Christ. Because of the life he lived so many have come to Christ through his death. I know his family has been blessed by all thats taken place but I also know their hearts still ache for their son. I will be praying for this young man's family. Thanks for sharing this touching story.

Brooklynn said...

Wow. What an amazing testimony to his character! That's awesome. At least there is a little glimpse of goodness out of something sad.

Unknown said...

Wow!! How touching. I am moved even more because my son's name is Chance also. And 4 days before his 8th birthday he accepted Jesus into his heart. And was baptized before our church earlier this month! Praying for his family...

Unknown said...

I have been a follower of yours for a year or so and just read this post. My niece was the young lady named Abby that was killed in that horrible accident with Chance. I was fortunate to have lived next door to her for over 10 years. She brought so much joy in to our lives and I am going to miss her something terrible.

Your church family has touched ur hearts in ways that cannot be explained. We are going to visit Sunday morning.

Please extend our gratitude to the women who prepared the meals and comforted our family.


Dina said...

Hey Kristi,

I tried to email you back, but it just comes up as "no Reply". Email me if you get a chance. marcusanddina@sbcglobal.net

We have been praying for Abby's family too! And for the Wades also. It was just a terrible accident.

I am so glad you are coming Sunday. Are you going to the 9:30 or 11:00 service?

Jennie said...

Your words and heart really do people good, ya know.?! :)