A Great Nation

 Did you know that yesterday was 
National Donut Day?

I LOVE that holiday!  
Katie and I partook in this special day! I have abstained from Donut Fridays for several weeks now, but this day could not be ignored!
 What I really love, is that several people sent me messages telling me it was National Donut Day, and they thought of me! I love that I have a reputation! Is there a National Spinach Day? Maybe one day I will be known for that!

I did pretty good on my low sugar eating plan, but I have fallen off the wagon. Not sure I want to get back on the wagon either!? We have beach plans with my family later in the summer, so I should probably step away from the Coke! 

Last night we went to Friday Night Fireworks with my 10th grade girls from church...and a couple of boys too!
 Katie loves being with those sweet girls. They are really good to her!

Marcus's Sunday School teaching partner is a master fryer!
 He made fried Oreos, honey buns, and twinkies.
 Oh my word! 

Marcus grilled burgers and dogs too.
 I thought Austin was looking pretty cool with all these girls. And he's about 2 feet taller than everyone!

And here I am shorter than everyone!
 I really love these people. They have been in my Sunday school class for 2 years now. I am a little attached!

 This is the only documentation I have of Marcus, but he was there too!
 Time for fireworks!
 Katie was not happy at first and kept telling me it was time to go home. 
And she told her daddy to whistle and make them stop! 

She warmed up after a few minutes, thankfully!
Hopefully she will stay warmed up to them, because we will be back on Friday!


Staci said...

I'm glad you participated in National Donut Day. It really was your patriotic duty. It would've been un-American not to eat a donut and I know you live your country, so really, it was an obligation. Your nation thanks you!

Staci said...

Love your country, not live your country. I need to step away from the iPhone.

Giggles said...

I thought about you yesterday when I saw that it was National Donut Day. We were not able to participate :(. I love the expression on Katie's face in the picture with your hubby. Too cute. Have a great weekend.
I am not sure that I could ever step away from the sugar. Someone might get hurt!