Ding Dong, It's Raining!

I bought a new door bell, because ours was as old as the house (50 years) and had 7 layers of crusty paint on it.  Unfortunately, it didn't fit right! So I just added an 8th layer of paint to the old crusty door bell. 
Of course, I painted it turquoise. It still looks old and crusty, but at least it's a little bit cuter.

And it matches our house numbers.

 Katie started swimming lessons on Tuesday! It's a week long and no mamas allowed! That's a little tough for me...and her! BUT Katie swam to the bottom of the pool and picked up rings on the first day! The guy is super tough, but it was really important to us that she learned how to swim since her almost drowning accident this winter. 

When I picked her up yesterday I gave her this umbrella as a reward. She as been asking for her own umbrella for over a year now! I'm glad she loves the simple things in life!
 So tonight we had to "make it rain" so she could play with her umbrella properly. 
You know when a rapper says, "Make it rain", they are tossing $100 bills in the air.
 I wish that was the kind of rain I meant!
 We just used the hose.

 This is the view I had most of the time!
Marcus told her that he is going to take her to Chuck E. Cheese's on Saturday after she finishes her swimming lessons!  
What the Heck?! 
We have successfully avoided that place her whole life. I am very sad that we couldn't keep it a secret any longer. 
I refer to it as Up Chuck Cheese. 

I am pretty sure I like the umbrella idea better. Or let's take her to Abuelo's or On the Border. 
That sounds pretty fun to me!


Nicole said...

Yes, you are doomed now! I did that with my parent's lake house! I successfully kept it a secret for 7 YEARS and accidentally slipped up last summer and said something about "grandma and papa's lake house ..." Brynne jumped on that and we have been going ever since!! They are good ages now, so it's fine, but I would have hated to take them when they were little.

Good job Katie on swimming lessons! We will start in July.

a boy a girl and a pug said...

love your chuck cheese comment. we just drove by one the other day and besides feeling a need to hose down with a bottle of purell just driving by it... i told the hubs that our kiddo is never going to know that place exists. on the border sounds like a great time to me too!

Brooklynn said...

I DESPISE Chuck E Cheese. I mean, I dread the day Colbi goes there for a birthday party or something. Eek!

Love the door bell and house # sign. SO cute.

I want to buy your house when y'all move.

Amy said...

I heard a lady say the other day, "My church is over there by Chunky Cheese"!!! I almost fell in the floor!!! Hahaha!
I'm the crazy girl that walked up to you at dotMom conference! ;) Love keeping up with you on here!

Team Seghs said...

Hi there its Harpers mama, Alli
Harpers birthday is coming up and when i asked her who she wanted to invite from school she had a very specific (and short) list. Can I get your address to send you and invitation (katie and harlowe are the only ones on her list....so far! I'm wondering if maybe she just has forgotten some friends names?!) You can text it to me if you'd like. My number is 214-300-1164