Packed Full

 We had a jam packed weekend full of fun and busyness!
My niece Morgan graduated from 6th grade! We went to her awards ceremony on Thursday morning. Katie was happy to have a donut. (We have skipped donut Fridays lately, because her mama needs to lose a few million lbs!)

 After that we went to the museum in Forth Worth with Marcus's sister and our niece. 
They had a pretend grocery store that Katie loved. I wish real grocery shopping was that fun!

 Marcus wanted to practice driving the ambulance. He will be done with paramedic school in about a month. Hallelujah!
 Katie was not a fan of the 4-D movie. Our chair moved and a dinosaur spit at us!
She said, "Let's get off this rocket ship!"
 We had a fun day with our family!
 So after that, I got to celebrate my friend Anna's birthday with a bunch of girls!
 Anna has 3 boys! 2 of them were on the roof when we got there! 
She can handle it, she's just as crazy as they are!
 Group of sweet girls!
 I'm in the hot pink and black, Anna's behind me. And cutie Paige is next to me in the orange polka dots. If you haven't read my post about her fave beauty products. Go do that now! I have loved buying her recommendations! 

We had a SUPER fun night! 

The next morning I had to work! 
 Golightly's was having an anniversary sale and I had to work 2 whole hours! I loved it!
 A chocolate fudge brownie helped me push through my 2 hours!

Saturday we just got to hang out as a family of 3. 
We stopped by this train by our house and went to lunch.

Sunday morning was church and lunch at our house with my in-laws.  
Marcus smoked some delish BBQ and I made a chocolate cobbler! No pictures, because we ate it too fast. 

We went to a graduation party for Madi! She was in the first Sunday School group I taught when she was in 9th grade. I loved those girls. Now they are all headed off to college!
 Madi got a full scholarship to Alabama! 
Her mom made the best cookies.

After the party we had to go to a Deacon banquet at Church. We let the kids (and husbands) play afterward.
 Some of the girls and kids:

Told you! 
Jam packed weekend! 

I feel blessed to be busy with all these great people in my life!

(today was kind of lazy with just a trip to the library and a swim in the pool! That's nice too!)


emily said...

Y'all have been busy! Katie is too cute. Love the "rocket ship" comment!

Nicole said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading that! I am reading the book Trim Healthy Mama. Wow, is all I can say. It's a lot of info! You can join me if you want! The recipes looks yummy!