Summer Fun!

We are still really enjoying summer! It's just starting to get hot, so I might think differently by next week. 

We have played with Charis and Drew a lot. 
(my friend Courtney's twins)
 Courtney said we were getting a glimpse into the future!
 Triple trouble. 

And Marcus and I took Katie to a little water park on Monday. We were supposed to meet Courtney and the kids, but we went to 2 different water parks! Details!

Yesterday my mom had Katie for awhile and I got my house all clean! I hope it lasts for more than a day. I also folded a MOUNTAIN of laundry that took an HOUR. That is just plain sad.

Today we have more fun things planned. Laundry is not one of the things, thankfully!


emily said...

I hope they recreate that exact same photo, years from now in their car! Too cute!

Glad y'all are having a fun summer, thus far!

Erica B said...

I'm glad to know I am not the only one who lets the folding of the laundry pile up. I don't mind switching out loads in the washer and dryer but I absolutely despise folding it and putting it away.

Staci said...

What a cute little water baby!