The Best!

 Katie has THE BEST daddy ever!
I am super thankful for Marcus.
 We had a fun weekend together. 
Freddy's and fireworks on Friday!

 Saturday we went to a dress rehearsal for my niece and nephew's dance recital.
 Morgan was a beautiful ballerina!
 And Ryan did some awesome hip hop!
Marcus had to work, so we went with my parents. Afterward we all went to Pappa's Burgers for a Father's Day lunch.
 I have THE BEST dad too!

Sunday was church and then lunch with the Osbornes. 
Katie LOVES Charis and Drew! 
 We love the whole family.

We went to an unfancy,  but kid friendly, pizza place.

Sunday night we went to dinner at Marcus's parent's house.
(do you notice a big eating theme here?!)
 Marcus has THE BEST dad too!
This is his dad with his kids and grand kids. 
We are blessed to be near to all our family!

I was just telling Marcus how exhausted I was. I told him it felt like I just climbed a giant mountain in the hot sun. (I am not dramatic or anything). Anyway, now I realize why I am so tired. It was a busy weekend!

Our family is so blessed to have such wonderful men in our life!


Miss G said...

We went to Freddy's Friday night too!! For Adrian's birthday. Fun times! kelly

mwimp said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend!! I totally understand the lucky feeling of being around family. we are too, and I enjoy it so much.