You Might Be a Redneck If...

this is your daughter's swimming pool! 
 I just intended for Katie to play with the water and use it for scooping and pouring. 
 She had other plans!

 We had some acorns dropping in the bucket. We thought there was a squirrel above us in the trees, but it just turned out to be a mischievous daddy! 

I am missing our old (real) pool these days. I had to read my post on perspective again! 
This wash tub brought Katie as much joy as a giant in ground pool. I love that. 

We have really been enjoying summer! 
Today we went to the splash park. We've been swimming at my parents, and we have plans with my sister tomorrow. The problem is that I am ignoring my duties! Real life is getting in the way! My house is a disaster and I never make plans for dinner. Tonight I made Marcus chicken nuggets and Katie and I ate scrambled eggs! Just call me Paula Deen! I guess I need to find a balance. I think my balance will lean more to the side of fun times and a messy house though! 

Last night we got snow cones. Yay for summer!

Pumpkins and Christmas trees are my favorite times of year, but I am learning to embrace the fun things of summer too!


Staci said...

Great way to kick off summer! Wish I could get away with that kind of pool, but my kids probably wouldn't fall for it!

Brittany..Following my Bliss said...

I rec'd my bracelet... thanks :)

I just wanted to comment and say though that I think having a messy house is ok for the sake of building fun memories with your daughter.... that's my mantra! You know the saying.. in 30 years will you look back and say "wow, I am so glad I had an immaculate house"? or will you look back and say "Katie and I had some really fun summers"? Enjoy!!

Jennifer said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but I am sure you have heard of the fire fighters that died in the fire last week here in Houston. I have thought of you and Marcus so many times over this week as I have seen the faces of those 4 on the TV. Thank him for the service he does for Texas and if any of his fellow firemen were the ones that came to Houston from Dallas to releave our men/women for the memorial service, have him tell them how much it meant to our city.

emily said...

That's a perfect pool!! I bet her friends will be envious!

Jenny said...

Are you kidding? When I was a kid my sitter had several of these and that's what we used for a pool! We would fill it up and climb on in. We kept cool this way and I loved it. Some days I really miss those. Then again, I'm pretty sure I've outgrown those tubs!

d said...

I love your pool-my daughter was using a rubbermaid storage box this week-we're moving and everything is packed so we made our own pool. Happy Summer!