Cute Things

 I found the cutest table the other day when Marcus and I went to an estate sale! 

I love it's shape. I wish I would have taken a before picture, but I don't have that kind of patience. My dad calls me "Do it now Dina" and I am the daughter of "Do it now Donna".

 The previous owners started to paint it cream and then gave up. I don't blame them. It's not easy or fun to paint stuff like this with a brush. I guess they didn't know about the joy of spray paint! 

This is Rustoleum, Seaside.
 It's super cute and curvy. I just brought it up to Golightly's to sell  and it got snatched up right away!

 Here's another cute and curvy thing:

 This little Katie Belle has done tons of swimming this summer. It makes for great naps and bedtime, so we are fans of swimming too.
Do you see Marcus's halo?  He almost went to Heaven tonight!
 For real! 
He choked on his food and I was in the other room. I heard a commotion, so I went in there and he was leaning over on the back porch. So I thought something was wrong with the dogs. Then he came in and waved me over. He couldn't make a noise, because he couldn't breathe! I tried to Heimlich him, but I am way shorter than he is. And I felt like I was hugging a tree trunk! It wasn't enough to pop the food out, but it was enough to move some air and he was able to choke up his food. And I was praying too! It just came out like "Oh God Help!" Thankfully He did! Katie and I were both shaken up...but Marcus finished eating his food! I think I would have been on a liquid diet for at least a week after that. 

Anyway, we are thankful he is OK.
And after all that drama, we went swimming!

And Katie got to do "blast off" about 100 times with her daddy!

It's OK if that video makes you nervous. My mom was about to pee her pants. And she asked Katie, "Are you sure you like that?"

It's good to have Dads around. Otherwise kids would be covered in bubble wrap with a helmet on their head!



 Yesterday we celebrated Lisa turning 50!

Isn't she the cutest 50 year old ever?! 
Lisa is married to Marcus's older brother.

I got old pictures of Lisa from her parents and made copies.

And our niece, Melissa, made a beautiful cake!
 Isn't that amazing? She's 14!

 It was delicious too!
 I made everyone a little treat bag. Of course it was filled with chocolates!

Lisa and her mom, Betty.

Katie was getting lots of attention and tickles from her daddy and her uncle.

My nephews were sweet at sat at the little kid table for me. I think this might be Ryan's last time to do that. He is getting so tall!

Lisa let Katie help blow out the candles.
Katie calls her Sisi.

 And she also shared a sour patch kid with her. She was making FUNNY sour faces!
 And that is the cute outfit Sisi made Katie for her birthday.

Lisa with Pam (Marcus's sister) Jeff, Jennifer, and Melissa. 
(I always label everyone, because I like to know who I am looking at when I read other people's blogs. AND when I'm 100 I can look back on my blog and remember who everyone is!)

 Lisa with our mother and father in law:

And her parents:
Her dad married Marcus and Me!
And my sister and nephew Ryan:
Lisa and Kelly aren't sisters in law, but they are friends. And Ryan and Lisa's son, my other nephew, are good friends too. (clear as mud?)
One big happy family!

Me, Katie, Marcus and Lisa
 Katie's copping a feel in this picture! And I guess I should have put my shoes back on? Classy.

And Lisa with her family.
Jeddy and David (Marcus's brother)

I'm thankful for my family and my wonderful sister in law!


The Week

 I unintentionally took a week off from the blog? We have been busy summering and I have had lots of little headaches that have kept me off the computer.(It's not a tumor!)

What's been going on:
Donut Friday

 Friday Night Fireworks and dancing to made up songs...
sung LOUDLY!

A Ponyella birthday party for Katie's friend, Harper!
 A pink pony was at the party! Pure JOY! 
First a little bit of fear about the guy pulling the pony, 
but then pure joy!
 Katie and sweet Harper!

 On Monday Marcus officially finished Paramedic school, when he took his National Test...and passed!

 We celebrated with a date on Tuesday night. No pictures. I had a headache then too! :(

Yesterday we went to my sister in law, Lisa's house for a movie (Rio) and some swimming! 
This is the pool Katie almost drowned in last winter! She didn't want to go in at first, but changed her mind in one second!
 That's her on the diving board! She did it without her floaty thing when I was in the pool, and then swam to me! 

Here she is swimming underwater:
 I'm so proud of her for not being afraid of the water or this pool! I am SO thankful to God for sparing her life, and super thankful for my sister in law and nephew for finding her in the pool and saving her!
I don't want to take any of that for granted!

 Last night I went out with the girls to celebrate Catherine (bottom left) and Michelle's (top right) birthdays! 
We had so much fun. I have wonderful, funny friends!
 Marcus had to work, so my other sister in law, Pam, watched Katie for me. After dinner I had to get Katie and these girls were up to no good. 

I saw these pics on Facebook this morning!!
Photo: My friends are SERIOUSLY FUN! Happy birthday Mitchell and Cat!

 They TP'd the house of one of the guys on staff at our church!
Photo: When the person being TP'd is in your getaway car before you are, you might be a little rusty on your TP skillz...
 He caught them, and then posed for a picture! I'm sad I missed out, but I guess I'm thankful they didn't TP my house!

 Tonight while Marcus was mowing he found a teenie tiny bunny! 
Technically our dog Cash found it first!
 We thought he might like a drink from a Little Mermaid bowl!

 Katie thought he was the cutest thing ever!
I think he is cute too, but not cute enough to adopt. I am hoping his mommy is still around here. Otherwise I'm sure The Little Mermaid will take good care of him!


They Make Me Want to Paint Something!

 I was in Golightly's yesterday and saw the cutest piece of furniture ever, ever, ever!
 It's just a hutch, but Janet (the owner) painted the top like an awning. I have a thing for awnings. I especially love black and white awnings!
 I think it would look cute in any room of the house...my house

Katie LOVES to go to Golightly's too.
 They have lots to look at, and touch. The rule is she can touch with just one finger. So she does. EVERYTHING in the store gets the one finger touch from Katie Belle!
 Here she was eyeballing some treats from the bistro. Do you see those cute mini pie pops on the left? So cute!

The bistro has some black and white awnings too. 
It just feels like Paris in there. Not that I have actually been to Paris, it just feels like what I think Paris might feel like. Ya know?

One of my very favorite things is the back counter that got a makeover!

This was the before picture:

And the after! 
It's the same piece, but new drawers were put on. 
And then all different knobs. I almost teared up the first time I saw it!
Golightly's always inspires me to do something different to my house, so I thought it might inspire you too!