Yesterday we celebrated Lisa turning 50!

Isn't she the cutest 50 year old ever?! 
Lisa is married to Marcus's older brother.

I got old pictures of Lisa from her parents and made copies.

And our niece, Melissa, made a beautiful cake!
 Isn't that amazing? She's 14!

 It was delicious too!
 I made everyone a little treat bag. Of course it was filled with chocolates!

Lisa and her mom, Betty.

Katie was getting lots of attention and tickles from her daddy and her uncle.

My nephews were sweet at sat at the little kid table for me. I think this might be Ryan's last time to do that. He is getting so tall!

Lisa let Katie help blow out the candles.
Katie calls her Sisi.

 And she also shared a sour patch kid with her. She was making FUNNY sour faces!
 And that is the cute outfit Sisi made Katie for her birthday.

Lisa with Pam (Marcus's sister) Jeff, Jennifer, and Melissa. 
(I always label everyone, because I like to know who I am looking at when I read other people's blogs. AND when I'm 100 I can look back on my blog and remember who everyone is!)

 Lisa with our mother and father in law:

And her parents:
Her dad married Marcus and Me!
And my sister and nephew Ryan:
Lisa and Kelly aren't sisters in law, but they are friends. And Ryan and Lisa's son, my other nephew, are good friends too. (clear as mud?)
One big happy family!

Me, Katie, Marcus and Lisa
 Katie's copping a feel in this picture! And I guess I should have put my shoes back on? Classy.

And Lisa with her family.
Jeddy and David (Marcus's brother)

I'm thankful for my family and my wonderful sister in law!

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