A Pink Piano and The Last Night

 In the spring, Golightly's had a sidewalk sale and Katie fell in love with this little piano!
 Thankfully for Katie, her Nonni was there and bought it for her.

 Of course it couldn't stay brown! 
It was just asking to be HOT PINK!
 Spray paint is one of my BFFs.

I got that sofa table at a garage sale for $10. 
It was super shiny wood with gold handles. 
Now it's a little more "me", and a little less "Golden Girls". 
If I had an ounce of patience I would have taken a before picture.
There's has been lots of spray painting going on today too! Katie's about to FINALLY make the transition into a big girl bed, so of course it needed to get a paint job first. 

Tonight's the last night she will be in her crib! 
I am hoping my love of rearranging a room will override the sadness of this milestone.


Staci said...

She will do great in her big girl bed! Mine only took about 2 nights to get used to it. Katie is such a smarty pants, I know she will love the independence. I know what you mean about it being sad, though. We waited so long to see a crib in our house, it was bittersweet to see it come down. But, I promise, you'll both love it! And as you said, the upside is a redecorating project!
PS... I have shiny ugly brown nightstands and a dresser with ugly gold handles. We ditched the big ugly mirror when we moved. I'm dying to attempt to paint it, maybe pale or charcoal gray. But I'm skeeered!

Angie said...

Would love to know a spray paint brand and color name you would recommend in a light grey shade. I know it was another post but laughed so hard at the "conducting" in your last post. :) :)

kimert said...

I love all your bargain finds and how you can create new out of old! I wish I had the patience for that. Instead, I have a half painted front door....

Dina said...

Hey Angie,

I always like to use Rustoleum 2x the coverage spray paint. You can find it at Home Depot. I haven't painted anything gray yet, so I can't recommend a color. Sorry.

Tracy said...

Cute Cute and Cute! Love spray paint. You are soo talented. Good luck tonight. Think it's harder on mommas than the kids.. was for me.
I hate that babies grow up!