Future Conductor

On Saturday my nephew, Ryan, had an orchestra recital. 
He's the fancy one in the tux!
It is amazing to see how talented these elementary kids are! 

Katie totally enjoyed it. She started conducting and thankfully my sister got it on video. Unfortunately, she recorded it sideways and we can't flip it. So tilt your head. 

Katie's conducting gave me a case of the "silent giggles". You know the kind when you are trying to be quiet, but you are shaking and crying? Ugh! It's the worst! You can see a tiny glimpse of my laugh cry face at the end of the video.

She's a fun girl to have around. 

On Sunday, our church had a cook out for volunteers. It included snow cones and a water slide!
Katie was proud of her blue tongue.
I told Drew he needed to work on his some.

And Charis was watching her figure and just ate plain ice!

And this is Katie's last week of being 2!

Can't wait to see what 3 has in store for us!


TressaMOMof3 said...

She is adorable!! I miss my kids being that little!! How fun! And Happy Birthday to her!

Amanda said...

OMG. Katie had me laughing! It was a good thing you couldn't see her face when she was conducting, or your silent giggles would have turned into real giggles with a side of pee in your pants.