Getting Ready

 Are you ready for the 4th of July? 
It's only a couple of hours away!

I still have lots to do. That's how I roll. Life is more exciting when you leave stuff until the last minute, right

Our people are coming over to cook out and then we will head to the fireworks.

 I found a way to decorate with my estate sale wagon! 
My bathrooms aren't clean yet, but I got that done! 

And I freshened up our outside table and chairs with some spray paint. It had been several years since they've been painted and were kind of faded.
 The one on the left hadn't been painted yet. The sun is glaring, because it was just coming up! I almost never see the sun come up, but Katie had different plans for us yesterday. Instead of being bitter, I was productive. It was nice and cool too!

We went to fireworks at the lake on Friday to prep for the big ones tomorrow!
 We brought Morgan and Ryan with us!
(my niece and nephew)
 And they slept over too!

This is almost an identical picture from when they spent the night in December!
I'm so thankful for Katie's sweet cousins.
I'm thankful to live in America.
I'm thankful I still have 19 1/2 hours before people come over!

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Giggles said...

I am a last minute finisher also! It stresses me out and I wish I was more organized but I don't think it will ever happen!