The 4th!

 We had such a great 4th of July! 
Marcus mentioned today, it really should be a 3 day holiday. We need more burgers, swimming and fireworks!

 I love any reason to decorate!
 Katie does too apparently. These little pinwheels were meant for the Rice Krispie treats, but she decorated the yard with them instead!

Katie was in the pool about an hour before our guests came. She was in heaven. She is always a great example to me that we don't need fancy shcmancy stuff to have fun!

 Yay for desserts!

 And yay for friends in the pool!

The little kids cheesy smiles at dinner.

 The guys:

Then it was time for fireworks!

 My parents:
The kids:

Stephen, Courtney and Lauren:

My friend Laura and her cute family:

My sister and her cute family:

Charis and Katie snuggled in front of me to watch fireworks. 
 We were right under them. It was so fun! They finale was HUGE and the girls couldn't stop laughing!
 I think Katie's favorite part was the glow jewelry! She even offered to buy my necklace!

We had such a fun night. And Today has been nice and relaxing! Marcus took Katie to swim this morning, so I had the house all to myself! And tonight we get to go on a date! It's like it's my birthday! 

Speaking of birthdays! We will have a 3 year old in 9 days! Fun times!


Maryellen said...

Dina of all the blogs I read - you still have my favorite house !

I just love so much your taste ; )

trooppetrie said...

this looks like a amazing day, I love the decorations.