The Graduate

 Marcus graduated from Paramedic school yesterday!
Hallelujah and praise The LORD!
 He started on January 2nd and it has been a long 7 + months. 

Everyone said it would go by quick, but everyone lied! It's kind of been a beating. It's hard to go to school when you haven't been in almost 20 years. Marcus even had to write a research paper! The Internet wasn't really a thing when Marcus left college, so it was a new world of research and bibliographies.

His parents offered to take us to lunch after graduation. 
So that boy picked Whataburger!
It was my mom's first time at a Whataburger! They couldn't believe it! She's on the back right. 
A whole new world has been opened to her. 
Now she just needs to learn to order from a drive thru window and she'll be set!

We are so proud of Marcus! He persevered. Now he just needs to take a National test on Thursday and Monday and he will be done for real!

I know he's ready to get back to the fire station. And I am sure they miss his cooking a little bit too!


Micah said...

Firstly, your dress is absolutely adorable. Secondly, you look really thin. I hope that's not weird for me to say, but I figured that I would always love to hear that I look thin, so I decided to comment. :)

Abby said...

Congrats! I know you are so excited to have him done... he may have been the one in school, but I know it's just as hard on the wives too!

Dina said...

Wow Micah Thanks! Feel free to comment anytime! I think it might be the camera angle though! I am still roly poly!

And Thanks Abby, yes, I want a diploma too! :)

Staci said...

Yeah for Marcus! That is so awesome! And he's extra awesome for picking Whataburger! Yumorama. I can't believe your mom has never been. How is that even possible living in Texas? And your dress is so cute!

Staci said...

I need to know where you shop.

Ashley Tremaine said...

Congratulations to Marcus!! That is dedication!! I can't believe your mom has NEVER been to a Whataburger!!! I LOVE their burgers!!! :))

Kimberley said...

congratulations to marcus! what an accomplishment! you have the cutest family! without sounding cray-cray, I want to friends :) oh, and love your dress! great color on you!

Nicole said...

Congrats, Marcus! I know that you and Katie will be SO GLAD to have your guy back!!!

Tracy said...

Congrats Marcus and Happy Birthday Katie!! What a great week. Cute Cute family!

Miss G said...

Yea! That's wonderful for all of you! congrats!! Kelly