Katie turned 3 today! We've been celebrating for the last 3 days! 
(and she's worn the same dress for the last 3 days too, but don't worry, I washed it!)
On Friday, Katie's BFF's, Drew and Charis, came over. Our plan was to ride the little train in Ft.Worth, but it was closed due to a big storm the night before.
So we had to come up with Plan B really quickly! 
The jump place! It was great, because the kids had the toddler area all to themselves!

Then our next stop was Mexican food!

We love this family!  
And God worked it out perfect for us to have kids about the same time in life!
Charis and Drew were there for Katie's original birthday too! 

So Saturday was the big family party! 
We still haven't really done friend parties yet. All our family lives here and there are 18 people when we get together, so that's a big enough party for us!
It was a polka dot party!
My sister helped me make that garland, by cutting circles, then sewing them together!
And my friend, Catherine, with Everything Design made some cute things for me too!
She made the cute invitations, the banners, treat box labels, and fun straws!

It made my Coke taste even more delicious!

Katie was so proud to pass these out to her family!
(I showed her this picture and she said, "look at that fake face!") 
Why do toddlers always pull out the fake smile?

Cake Time!

Katie got to sit at the table with her cousins!

Present time!

She needed help standing in her glass slippers!
A tiara, heels, and a tennis racket!
AND a baseball bat!

Marcus and I got her a sand box, because that girl LOVES to dig in the dirt. 
We found one on Craigslist for $5!
It needed a makeover though! 
It was one of those green turtles and it didn't have eyes.
I used spray paint. And my sister made eyes with her Cricut, then she helped me do the eyelashes. And my dad drew the lips and I painted them in! They are both a little more artsy than I am. I just come up with the crazy ideas of painting turtles pink. This is more Katie Belle's style! 

Katie with my parents:

Marcus's sister and family:

And his parents:

My sister and her family:

Marcus's brother and his family:

3 year old girls are FUN to buy for!

Look at this outfit that my sister in law, Lisa made!! So cute!
Then Katie had to be a princess!

Cinderella needed a piece of cake too!

So that was a big fun party and we were up super late. 

Today we went to church and then headed for the big mall!
Katie and I rode the train!

Then we ate lunch at Rainforest Cafe.

She got a balloon butterfly.
She enjoyed the atmosphere and her french fries, but oh my goodness...the food was almost inedible. Totally grody. So Marcus and I won't be picking The Rainforest Cafe for our birthdays!

Then Katie got to ride the Merry Go Round with her Daddy. 
He mouthed to me, "I'm gonna barf!" as he whizzed by. 

Then I captured this:
Thankfully nobody blew chunks!

Then we took Katie to The Disney store.
 She had a little bit of birthday money to spend. She picked out a Mickey Mouse, because she got a little Minnie Mouse for her birthday. She thought they would like to be together.
We also got her, and us, some birthday cookies!

Then we made a stop at the "animal store" AKA Bass Pro Shops.
 Eeek A Shark!

They had a FREE Merry Go Round.
Marcus sat that one out!
Then we bought her a boat!
Just kidding! But man, we would all LOVE a boat! 

It was so much fun spoiling Katie today! It's really not something we get to do very often. She really appreciated everything and had so much fun! 

This is where it all began:
 Love at first sight!

Thank you God for such a sweet, fun, funny, creative, smart, imaginative, musical, silly, thoughtful, encouraging, cuddly, and loving daughter! 
I feel beyond blessed to be her mom!


Nicole said...

Good grief that sandbox is CUTE! Happy Birthday Katie!! My birthday is in a couple of weeks. I will be there on the day before to begin my three days of celebration. Polka dots are good for my party, too. I'll be in my birthday dress, but it won't have my age splattered across the front!! :)

Giggles said...

Pink turtles are awesome! The one living at y'alls house is too cute! Happy birthday Katie Belle!!!

Thomas and Jamie said...

So glad we aren't the only ones that feel that way about the Rainforest Café!! Way Expensive for grody food!!! Happy Birthday Katie!

Brittany said...

Pure sweetness! She is adorable & I'm glad y'all had fun!

Staci said...

Happiest of birthdays Katie! Love the polka dot theme! I bet she had the best time on her special day. I adore the photos of her in her Cinderella outfit! A familiar site in our house!

Brooklynn said...

So fun!! I'm glad she had such a good birthday! Colbi will be one and it went by so quickly, I can't imagine three years yet. She is such a cutie!!

Good to know about the Rainforest Cafe, I don't ever think I've eaten there.......

Frugal Jen said...

Happy Birthday Katie! Wow how she has grown. I love her curls!

the undomesticated wife said...

I'm dying over that turtle!