We Both Survived

Katie survived a week of swimming lessons. And I survived her reward, Chuck E. Cheese!

We went to a guy that has been recommended by family and friends that have gone to him over the years. He has a very tough love kind of approach... minus the love

Would you drop your baby off to a guy with tattoos and a mohawk? I did.  And he taught her how to swim!

Moms weren't allowed to stay, but I peeked through the fence. And we got to watch in person on the last day.

I was so proud of Katie. She had to be really brave all week. 
All of our family members have pools and Katie almost drowned this winter. So I felt the need for her to really learn how to swim.

She finished her lessons over a week ago, and we have been swimming several times since. She swims under water and can even get rings on the bottom of the deep end!

Katie earned a trip to Chuck E. Cheese!  
(Her Daddy's idea!)
 She had so much fun!

On one game, she won 100 tickets! I felt like we should bring her to Vegas after that kind of luck!

It was fun to see the joy on her face:

Compared to the fearful face in the morning:

It was worth all the stress we BOTH endured all week!

Plus we got a bunch of crap prizes with all our tickets at the Chuck E. Cheese store! 


Courtney Osborne said...

I am proud of Katie. Now I am nervous for my kiddos. You were brave!

Jennie said...

WOW!!! I am impressed!

Jenna @ Sharing My Jennarocity said...

My two biggest enemies - Chuck e Cheese and complex carbohydrates. :-) I hate that place.

Sara Lynn said...

Very cute pictures! I am glad you both survived the week :)

Staci said...

I need that guys name!

Amanda said...

Congrats on getting through swim week! Teaching a kid to swim isn't easy (especially your own kid!) and the fact that you weren't there probably really helped Katie too. Good job, mama!