The First Day

 My kid won't be on Pinterest.
I might be the only mom that did not prepare a chalkboard declaring the date and "grade" that my child is starting. 

I hope she can forgive me one day.

Katie started school today in the 3's department!
I didn't have a chalkboard, but I did get us there on time and her lunch was made! AND her pb&j was shaped like a heart! 
So take that Pinterest!

This was Katie on her first day last year. 
Ugh! My heart hurts a little bit!

And my big girl now. 
Who am sure will look tiny when I am comparing this to next year's picture! 
 I still can't find the battery charger for my camera, so I had to rely on my phone. 

My sister made Katie this cute folder for school! 
I love cute school supplies!

Katie was a little anxious about going to school today, but she did great! Her teachers said she was very brave and had lots of fun. They asked who wanted to pray at lunch and Katie said, "I'll do it! I love to pray!" 
Sweet girl!

And I got ALL my laundry done today! 
We are looking forward to a laundry free and school free weekend!



 I love these pokey blocks. They are officially called bristle blocks, but it's pokey blocks at our house. 
Katie said, "I made us!"
So this is mommy and Katie. 
 Then she added Daddy and Charis and Drew (her BFFs)
 I guess we should adopt them now since they are apart of our pokey block family!

 I had to capture Katie's little tootsies hanging out the window. 
She likes to roll down the window when we get close to home. Even though it's still 1 million degrees outside. And she makes herself comfy with a foot flowing in the breeze.

Last night we went to Courtney's house. And we decided to give Katie a little trim. Even though she just had a hair cut, it was getting out of control.

Courtney knows what's she's doing, but I decided to cut first and let her clean up the mess I made. It felt good to cut it off! I cut a lot! And then I couldn't quit laughing. It was a nervous laugh!
 Thankfully her hair is curly and it covers an amateur hair cut! 

I need to get a better hair do picture, but here she is with Charis and Drew eating cookies on the couch.
Good friends make life more fun! 

So that was yesterday, and today no pictures were taken, but I did make a blueberry cobbler!

I got the recipe from the Pioneer Woman. Hers is blackberry, but I improvised with blueberries. It was super easy and you can find the recipe here.  If I can do it, anybody can do it!

Tomorrow we will be getting ready for our first day of school. It will take me a whole day to prepare to be on a schedule again!

Some One Needs To Light a Fire Under Me!

Have you ever had so much on your "to do" list that it almost paralyzes you? 
Someone please say yes!
I have a list of house things a mile long that I want to get done,(cleaning, organizing, painting, purging, redecorating) but I think I am too overwhelmed and I don't know where to start!

I have been that way with my blog a little bit too. I need to find my camera battery charger, to charge my battery, so I can get pics off my camera and on my computer. I also need to get some pics OFF my computer, so I have room to save some new ones. The memory is all filled up! So it's a vicious cycle when you don't stay on top of things!

This sweet picture is from my phone. 
My mom got Katie a cowgirl hat in Fort Worth. Katie's been asking for one with a pink star! They are hard to find! Nonni delivered! It's been Katie's #1 accessory everyday!(even with her PJs) I am thinking she might need to be a cowgirl for Halloween!

**Also, I will be mailing out some turquoise necklaces tomorrow. I have 2 left if anyone else is interested! Just leave your email in the comments and I will get it to you. **

Katie has her first day of school on Thursday. I am HOPING I can draw a line through at least one thing on my to do list by the time I pick her up!


Don't Cry and You Will Get Some m&m's!

 Today was Meet the Teacher day for Katie's Mother's Day Out program at our church. 
If Katie even thinks that I am about to drop her off somewhere and leave, she gets a teensie bit of anxiety. 
And I am being kind. 

I think her dream come true would be for me to carry her in a baby Bjorn all day! 
This is why MDO is so important for her. I am all about bonding and quality time, but I don't want her to be afraid to be away from me. After Christmas last year, she loved school. I saw her grow and mature and gain lots of confidence...apart from me! I want her peace and comfort and strength to come from God, not mommy and daddy. I know that can't happen now, but I am trying to teach that now.  
 Anyway, 3 months of summer and Katie forgot how much she loved school! So it will take a while to warm up again. So today we met the teachers and I did bribe her with m&m's. 
No tears and saying Hi is all she had to do!  
She did it! 
 I am sure dietitians and child psychologists  everywhere are scolding me. Sorry.

I have just found that having her focus on something exciting instead of the fear, usually helps!
Katie was really proud of herself. I was super proud of her too. And her new teachers could not have been more sweet. 

I think it will be a great year! And starting next Thursday I might have a chance at getting to the bottom of my laundry pile!

Don't get me wrong, I long for alone time, but I will miss her just as much as she misses me!


I'm Still Alive! And I Got Roses!

 I'm 38 and half ...and one day. 
We celebrate half birthdays in this house, because we are super awesome like that! 

Marcus got me some pretty roses.
Katie kept calling them "Rosas"! Clearly the girl has been to too many Taco Tuesdays! 
 And I got a cute card AND a Hobby Lobby gift card!
 I think I will buy some Christmas decorations, because my attic floor isn't sagging enough! 

Marcus had to work yesterday. Boo. I guess half birthdays aren't a legit reason to take the day off? He was off today, so his mom babysat and we went to lunch and ran some errands. It was a fun day.

Tonight he took Katie for a walk while I got to sit on the couch, BY MYSELF, and NOT watch cartoons! 

Then I heard lots of yelling outside, but it was happy yelling. More like squealing.
 Katie was flying high in her swing!
 Dads aren't afraid to push too hard!

My grandma always used to give me something for my sister's birthday and my sister something for my birthday and say it was for our "half birthdays." It was kind of true because our birthdays are 6 months apart. (3 years and 6 months. Guess who's younger!) Although I think she would have done it anyway! 

Marcus was made aware of this tradition when we were dating and it has continued for the past 15 years! I married well!

So last week was my sister's real birthday! 
We just had pizza and cake at my house. We had just gotten back from the beach a few day s before and nobody felt like doing much. Vacations will wear you out!

 Kelly with her kids and Katie:

I know lots of people might not want to celebrate being 38 and a half, or 42 cough cough. You get older whether you celebrate it or not, so eat some cake, get some roses! Getting older is a privilege. Don't complain about it!

I will admit I do find it annoying that I have to buy more Clairol Root Touch up than I did 10 years ago, but that's a small price to pay for being alive, right?


I'm a Senior Now

Sunday was my last day with these girls! 
Photo: First Baptist Colleyville 10th Grade Girls...  We love you guys!!!
Aren't they cute!?

They were my 10th grade Sunday School class. (and I had them in 9th grade too!) They are moving up to 11th grade, and I got bumped up to 12th grade!

My teaching partner, Sabrina, is on the top left. It was our first year to teach together and it worked out great.  
We are total opposites. She's super smart, went to seminary AND law school, and knows lots of languages. I am none of those things! I know English and some pig latin. Anyway, we balanced each other out great. Or maybe she just balanced me!  

So Sabrina and I will be teaching the seniors together. I'm excited about getting those girls ready to go off to college. I am the girl that can tell them what NOT to do. Hello, academic probation my first semester! I was sincerely shocked to learn that I actually had to study. My social life was my first priority. 
It was a fun 4 years at Texas Tech!

Katie will promote to her new class this Sunday too.
Good luck new teacher! 
Katie mainly wants her mommy and a select few other people! 
I'm praying she bonds quickly!
This picture has nothing to do with that, but I like it. Katie was mostly concerned about eating all the sprinkles off her cone. She got lots of ice cream up her nose!

I still have some necklaces left if you want one! I will have them available until Friday, then they are going up to Golightlys.


You Have Another Chance!

I sold some turquoise necklaces back in May. They were a hot item and I've been trying to get more since then. My jewelry supplier finally got some more in on Friday and I took all they had!

I have 10 2 left to sell if you want one!

That's me with Big Mama and my friend, Laura.
 I wear mine all the time. Somehow turquoise just goes with everything. Or at least I like to make it go with everything! 

And I also have one coral necklace for sale too! SOLD

They are $30 each and that includes shipping. 
I can mail them out by Monday afternoon, if I get your info in time.

If you are interested, leave a comment with your email address and I will send you a pay pal invoice!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


A Procrastinating Night Owl

 I want to blog about my beach trip, but there are too many pictures. I don't have the energy! 
I am tired every night and plan to go to bed early, but then I am too tired to go get ready for bed. SO I stay up until WAY too late, because I am procrastinating washing my face and brushing my teeth! Is that ridiculous or what?

It feels logical when you're in the moment though. I hope I'm not alone! I am thinking I still need parental supervision.

Here are some random pics from my phone instead.
Katie and I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to do some window shopping. Look at this fun Christmas stuff. These lollipops would be super cute in my kitchen!

 And Katie got her hair cut by Ms. Julie before our trip. 
It was getting long and unruly. Julie had to cut Katie's hair when she was 4 months old! She was born with a wig on her head!

And one day when we were at Target, Starbucks was passing out tiny little cups of some kind of raspberry drink. It was pink, in a baby cup with whip cream on top, so Katie thought it was awesome! 
There was no caffeine included in this pink drink. I'm no dummy!

So that was some randomness and it was easier than blogging about a week at the beach! And it's already past midnight, so I guess going to bed early is out of the question...again.


There's No Place Like Home

We went to Gulf Shores, Alabama with my family last week! 
We had a really great time, but it's good to be home. 
And it's nice to not have sand in all my nooks and crannies!
Today the normal routine of laundry, dishes, and grocery shopping just about did me in! 
So I will share more pics tomorrow. 

Here's one more though:
 Katie was so proud of her "gobbles". I think this picture is cute/sad/a little scary all rolled into one!

 Katie was back to her normal routine too, of being a princess ballerina!
She turned me into a frog a few times with that magic wand!

I always find it a teensie bit annoying when people say they need a vacation after their vacation. 
So I won't say that, but know that I'm secretly thinking it. K?


Just Like The Indy 500

 It has been hotsy totsy outside.
 Like your hair might catch on fire hot. 
So I pushed the furniture in, and let Katie ride her tricycle inside. She did a million laps around the living room.
Attention Marcus: look how terrible your recliner looks from behind! (I don't love the way it looks from the front either, if I'm being honest) It's time to get rid of it!
 I'm all for anything that burns energy. I was sad to see how much dog hair was under my couch when I moved it though!

This all happened before breakfast. Katie had to refuel with some toast. Half with chocolate (nutella) and half with cinnamon and sugar.
We might have to bring the trampoline in next!


Home Sweet Home

This is a little flower bed on the right of my garage door.
  Our garage is on the side of our house.
I wanted to make it cute, because that's what we see every time we come home.

 And I wanted to get a better angle, but my neighbor was out watering and I felt silly taking a picture. He most likely is not familiar with blogging. So I sneakily snapped a picture and probably looked crazy doing it.

When we pull in the garage Katie always says, "Home Sweet Home". 
So I got this sign earlier this year from JoniKeith Co. They are in Lubbock, but have a website and Facebook page you can order from.
Marcus planted those knock out roses last year and they really have taken off. You can barely see my turquoise cross buried in there.

 My next idea for this area is to pull out those little stumps and make a border with old plates.
I will be checking for neighbors before I take any pictures of that project. I am sure they will want to put me in the loony bin anyway for putting plates in my flower bed! 


Little Piggies

 I got Katie her first pair of flip flops. 
They were $2 at Old Navy and it's the best money I have ever spent! She is crazy about them! 
 She tried them on and said, "Do I look adorable?" 
Yes, yes you do!

I felt like she needed some for our beach trip!
I have been afraid to get her flip flops, because Grace is NOT her middle name! 
I love the girl, but she could trip over air.
 The new flops called for some painted toes! 

I use Piggy Paint, because it's all natural. I got mine online here, but I think they even sell it at Walmart now.
Nail Polish

 I recently got some polish I love too. 
 It was just $1.99 at Walmart. 
( you would think Walmart was paying me? They can if they want to!)
It's called mint green. 
I got this image from Google. 

I just like it on my toes and not so much on my fingers. 
And the color goes with lots of stuff. I feel like the polish stays on great, especially considering how cheap it is! 

I would have taken a picture of my feet too, but they aren't as cute as Katie's!


3 Dream Houses

 It's no secret that Marcus and I like to move. We like change and we like a house fixing project. So we are looking at houses all the time, and dreaming. And waiting for a box of money on our front porch!

We love to drive around neighborhoods, look at houses, and pick ones out that we would want. You know, if money weren't an option. Or if someone decided to pay firemen as much as baseball players!

There are 3 houses for sale right now that I have dreamed about for years! They are all on the market at the same time. If I win the lottery, I would have a really tough decision on my hands. 

Here are the lovelies:
 (these are all pictures I copied from MLS, so they are teensie)

This one is on a court with 4 other Victorian houses. They all look like Doll houses.

This one is on a big lot and has a GIANT pool:

And this one is a fancy doll house with a pool too. AND a tennis court. Hello! I think we might need a tennis court, right? 

These are all way out of our price range, but it's fun to dream! In my head, I've already decorated them and put Christmas lights on the outside. They would all be cute at Christmas, don't you think? 

I am still happy and content and thankful for my little yellow house! And if I don't get one of these fun houses on Earth, I know I will get a mansion in Heaven. Mine will be the pink one next to Marcus's brown one! You can stop by for a coke. In Heaven Coke makes you skinny and beautiful. I'm pretty sure...


Every Summer

 Every summer I have to share 
my lemonade pie recipe. 
I feel the need to share it again because it's so dang good, and so dang easy.

Also, because I am domestically challenged, and sharing a recipe makes me feel a little less challenged.

 I realized it's already August 1st and summer is whizzing by! 
How did that happen? 

I'm starting to get butterflies in my stomach thinking about pumpkins and Christmas! It's right around the corner.


I always make 2 pies at a time.
1 large container of cool whip
1 can of frozen lemonade or limeaid
2 cans of eagle brand milk
2 pie crusts

Mix the cool whip and eagle brand, then stir in the thawed lemonade.
Pour into the baked pie crusts and freeze!

Easy Peasy! 

You can share a pie, or sit down with a fork and eat both at once! It's totally up to you. Bathing suit season is almost over so you don't need to worry about that anymore! Fall clothes are much more forgiving and pie friendly. 
Hello Leggings!